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Anything 4 hours ago 
Reykjavík 9 hours ago 
| CocaCola Truck ‘|”””;..,.
|……===|= ||…, ] |HOLIDAYS ARE COMING
Reykjavík 9 hours ago 
| CocaCola Truck ‘|”””;..,.
|……===|= ||…, ] |HOLIDAYS ARE COMING
Reykjavík 9 hours ago 
| CocaCola Truck ‘|”””;..,.
|……===|= ||…, ] |HOLIDAYS ARE COMING
🎀 Buxom Bimbo Milf 🎀 Nov 28 @ 4:25pm 
Think the new tail piercing might be a bit tooooo flashy... People won't stop staring when I walk by~! :sadistembarrased::sadistembarrased::sadistembarrased:
🎀 Buxom Bimbo Milf 🎀 Nov 26 @ 3:03pm 
:kiss::kiss::kiss: Don't be a wimp and come lick my sweaty, glamorous armpit~! :scteasinglilim: :kiss::kiss::kiss:
*Monicca. Nov 16 @ 1:03pm 
adding you cause u suck
🎀 Buxom Bimbo Milf 🎀 Nov 15 @ 3:39am 
:charmspell::charmspell::charmspell: Bet you wanna grope my fat, soft abs. Go ahead, short stuff~ :smirkingnerith: :charmspell::charmspell::charmspell:
JxshHxrvey Nov 10 @ 12:00pm 
You have over half a year sitting in your room playing dbd and you still cant even spell 3 letters right loooooooool wtf is a 'bdb'
Schlafmütze Nov 10 @ 11:53am 
1600 hrs joke
Schlafmütze Nov 10 @ 11:53am 
sucked balls in bdb
Nimajin Oct 27 @ 4:15pm 
Sorry for getting back to you so late. Thank you so much!

I'm happy I was able to create something that people enjoy, especially since it was just a port of a YouTube video I made a few years ago. I might make an updated version in the future though!

Enjoy your day! :fshappy:
ThiccBootyJane Oct 23 @ 10:56am 
Saw your dbd wallpaper in wallpaper engine of the friends cover of all the moris of the OG killers. I love it!! I set it as my wallpaper every time I get on my PC now. Hope you have a great day and if you ever do one with every killer that would be amazing <3 - love ThiccBootyJane
! Duobot - Level Bot 32:1 Oct 21 @ 12:42pm 
*Beep beeep* thank you for trading with me ^.^ have a good day :Speech_Love:
76561198160727797 Oct 20 @ 8:56am 
can you add me?
yelks Oct 17 @ 2:04pm 
added to discuss about your tf2 servers
🎀 Buxom Bimbo Milf 🎀 Oct 15 @ 12:56pm 
🎀 Buxom Bimbo Milf 🎀 Oct 14 @ 5:22am 
I was handing out cute halloween stickers but I somehow lost them.
:_S_::_o_::ThinkingFrog::_h_::_e_::_r_::_e_::_S_::ThinkingFrog::_a_::ThinkingFrog::_k_::_i_::_S_::_S_::ThinkingFrog::_i_::_n_::_S_::_t_::_e_::_a_::_d_::_ExM_: :kiss:
Vibing Oct 5 @ 4:30pm 
🎀 Buxom Bimbo Milf 🎀 Sep 30 @ 10:58pm 
Joj SnoWos Sep 5 @ 9:34am 
+rep omg its the nimajin channel i love him so much he is best channel ever on twitch and he plays glizzy guys all the time with chat and i love him so much
Nimajin Sep 5 @ 3:25am 
loxdogs Sep 5 @ 2:59am 
NO NO NO NO, 3k hours in dbd, thx, but no. Didn`t play with him, saw his profile in lobby and left. Hate this balance, +rep good mancer, maniac, fair player, no toxicity ^^
du Sep 1 @ 12:32pm 
Game Aug 16 @ 7:54am 
Permission to re-appeal on HG forums.
Odysseus Aug 7 @ 8:18pm 
want to talk and ask a few questions, please and thanks
CUMPISSER9000 Aug 7 @ 10:40am 
Filed a scammer tag appeal and haven't gotten a response in 5 days, pls help
Divimityy Aug 1 @ 7:03pm 
pretty epic dude
7 0 0 ° Jul 25 @ 8:20am 
Hey I need some help/advice on scam attempts I have been receiving
ha ha ha golden pee
SindreHolsether Jun 28 @ 4:33pm 
Add me please i have to talk to you
PapiDwight Jun 4 @ 6:13pm 
I subscribed to his OnlyFans and Im not disappointed
BLAKESTER Jun 1 @ 3:57pm 
love u amin
_TayLon May 23 @ 2:32pm 
You will stay in my heath (and in the basement with the insidious clown)
Jeff May 23 @ 8:35am 
my name jeff
Kevin May 19 @ 10:39pm 
🎀 Buxom Bimbo Milf 🎀 May 12 @ 9:54am 
Bet you love feet, ya weirdo~ :cocochan2:
Jake Apr 26 @ 6:47am 
pls respond i dont now how to appeal
Jake Apr 22 @ 7:53am 
hi, i want you to unban my profile from harpoongaming , i spy crab run 2 years ago and im so sorry, a lot of things changed and i want to have a clean profile, im gonna filed an appeal now, i would really aprishiate this.
Santeria Apr 18 @ 4:16pm 
destroymaster6969 Apr 15 @ 5:36pm 
ey can u accept my friend request gotta talk to you about smt on steam rep.
Nimajin Apr 15 @ 7:23am 
You haven't filed an appeal though. File one here: https://forum.harpoongaming.com/appeals/
BigGuyFill Apr 15 @ 7:09am 
no respons for the last 7 weeks
Nimajin Apr 15 @ 6:06am 
File an appeal on the website.