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Harpoon Gaming is an anti-fraud gaming community here on steam, we're there for the community! Whether it would be by protecting and educating them on fraud, giving away free items or even just creating a comfortable environment on our servers! Feel free to sign up on our forums! []

Game Servers
We host multiple servers across 2 games, Team Fortress 2 and Garry's Mod. If you would like to join one, just click on any of these links or type "connect Address name" in Console without the quotations.
Example: connect

Team Fortress 2 Servers
- Harpoon Gaming's All-Trade 1 Server: | Join []
- Harpoon Gaming's All-Trade 2 Server:
- Harpoon Gaming's All-Trade 3 Server:
- Harpoon Gaming's All-Trade 4 Server:
- Harpoon Gaming's Trade MC Server:
- Harpoon Gaming's Prophunt Server:

Garry's Mod Servers
- Harpoon Gaming's TTT Server:

Ban Appeals
If you have been banned from one of our servers and would like to appeal your ban, then head over to our forums and fill out a server ban appeal []

If you have been marked on SteamRep by Harpoon and would like to appeal the tag, then head over to our forums and fill out a fraud appeal []

Reporting users
Report users for breaking the rules: Server report []

Report users for scamming or sharking: Fraud report []

Partners & Affiliates
Harpoon Gaming is proud to be partnered with SteamRep []
An awesome tool that anyone can use to reduce their chance of being scammed.

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♡ Big Tiddy Mommy ♡ Sep 18 @ 6:24am 
:skirt::pressure: :fengxi:
Lukanek Sep 17 @ 11:00am 
no way :)
Nimajin ⇋HG-A⇌ Sep 17 @ 10:43am 
I literally did none of those lol
Lukanek Sep 17 @ 10:39am 
-rep camper, facecamper, tunneler, griefing
hella clout Sep 11 @ 11:15pm 
this man DUMMY dumb tbh
Pig Sep 11 @ 4:08pm 
Så du går ved "Nimajin" nu nørd? Haha, hvad har du på dig, det er Tanner fra Highschool. Husk mig? Mig og fyrene plejede at give dig en hård tid i skolen. Undskyld du var bare et let mål lol. Jeg kan se, ikke meget har ændret sig. Husk Sarah, den pige, du havde forelsket på? Ja, vi er gift nu. Jeg laver over 200k om året og kører en Mustang GT. Jeg tror nogle ting ændrer aldrig ham taber? Nice at fange lol. Patetisk........