Grandpa Niko
Pancake Old Man   Concepcion, Bio-Bio, Chile
-I Don't Think I am Dead In This World Yet! -Niko 2016

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INFO :^)
Avatar Picture Made By MsDarkLow :os_niko:
Please First Read My Description
My Steam Trade Offer URL :Fistofdosh: :
:bbtcat::os_niko::bbtcat::os_niko::bbtcat::os_niko::bbtcat::os_niko::bbtcat::os_niko::bbtcat::os_niko: IMPORTANT :bbtcat::os_niko::bbtcat::os_niko::bbtcat::os_niko::bbtcat::os_niko::bbtcat::os_niko::bbtcat::os_niko:
:red_dot:Before of you read all my stuff.. My Native language is not "English", But Spanish ( Chilean) So If I Sound retarded with my words, Then now you know if you have ever read this far.
So if you dont understand Anything About What I Said, I'm sorry But I Failed.
:redbo::redbo::redbo::redbo::redbo::redbo::redbo::redbo::redbo::redbo::redbo::redbo::redbo::redbo: Adding Me :redbo::redbo::redbo::redbo::redbo::redbo::redbo::redbo::redbo::redbo::redbo::redbo::redbo::redbo:
Did I accept your friend request? Congrats!... But here's one thing you need to know once I accept you, the good word called "REASON"
Obviously Ignoring it would cause to Just delete you or something, Not sure.
You May be accepted if ....
:twinkle::You have at minimum 2 friends in common (Depends.)
:twinkle:Steam profile level 3 Or Higher
:twinkle:I Met you on the servers (Which works mostly if often)
:twinkle:Or simply, The "reason" which must be valid :^)

:policesign::policesign::policesign::policesign::policesign::policesign::policesign::policesign::policesign::policesign::policesign::policesign: RULES About adding :policesign::policesign::policesign::policesign::policesign::policesign::policesign::policesign::policesign::policesign::policesign::policesign:
:Dosh::You want to trade?, "Do not add me"
Don't worry though!, My Steam Trade offer link is at the begging!, Come check it out!
:fiyah:I avoid drama, so nothing about it,otherwise Drama-alert Would come in And kill us with his popcorn (seriously).

Meet me! (or not)
Holy hell ,It was time already to introduce myself by this Info so let's start!
You can simply name me as Niko ,The old man from this world of sausages and pornhub
I Live on Chile, Sure thing.
I mainly Use medic with this unique loadout, Pretty Fresh Hope nobody copies it
I May be shy In the beggining, But the progress would change it and meet me as a kind person Maybe
I always talk with my best friends, because they care at me and I care at them. Because, Why not?
I am still studying In a institute, nothing interesting for sure so move on.
If you noticed , I make Screenshots with Garry's Mod , You may Met me in Deviantart or any other source media, not sure ,but say hi anyways!

:clock_time::clock_time::clock_time::clock_time::clock_time::clock_time::clock_time::clock_time::clock_time::clock_time::clock_time::clock_time::clock_time::clock_time: Time zone :clock_time::clock_time::clock_time::clock_time::clock_time::clock_time::clock_time::clock_time::clock_time::clock_time::clock_time::clock_time::clock_time::clock_time:

UTC -04:00 , Santiago
My time zone is on Chile (Santiago), is it bad? OF COURSE!... We have Summer in Christmas ... "SUMMER"
it's sad ok?

My Loadout (Just in case you like the information of my not totally OC) : Just a Red Medic with a brown bomber (hunter style) and a wintermantel coat (Showing the gramma's sweater) , And my favourite beard :^)

This is all Boys! , thanks for reading my Information!
...perv if you did it with purposes :^)

:gmod::gmod: :os_niko:
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                        :redbo:                              :redbo:      
            :redbo:                           :redbo:                     
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      :redbo:            :redbo:         :redbo:                              
:redbo:                                          :redbo:            :redbo:   
                  :redbo:         :os_niko::os_sun:      :redbo:                     
            :redbo:         :redbo:                     :redbo:               
               :redbo:                        :redbo:         :redbo:         
   :redbo:            :redbo:            :redbo:                     :redbo:      
      :redbo:               :redbo:                                       
               :redbo:                                    :redbo:   :redbo:   
         :redbo:                     :redbo:                              
      :redbo:                                       :redbo:               

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