Niko Bellic
theNGclan AKA Butt suckin weiner eatin faggot
I'm theNGclan from the GTAForums. I play GTA a lot, make mods, and I'm a neat KHV. Oh, and I wanna die.

hello b0ss ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I'm a forum user, modder, borderline retard, sysadmin, cool guy and lame ass.

Twitter: @theNGclan
GTAF: theNGclan
Rockstar Games Social Club: Niko-BellicIV
Xbox Live: NikoBellicFTW
GFWL: thengclan

I am extremely depressed and want to blow my fucking brains out. I hate the fact that I exist and hope that maybe things will work out, but I'm pretty sure they won't. :)

end my suffering

cen i hav a pizza pls :profgenki:

╭☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ͡ ͡°)╭☞
\ . .\
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/ ╰u╯\ deez nuts


Kent Hovind; Scam artist of the century:

Yeah we all know this guy,
He's a friggin' ass.
Yeah he calls himself a doctor
but he hasn't passed a science class.

But even though he says that evolution
is just a made up claim
I don't know about you
but that is fucking lame.

Yeah the Flintstones were real,
Just like the taxes he didn't steal

You're a fucktard aren't you, Kent?

And the way that he tries
to prove is made up shit, (his made up shit)
he says that science is a lie
and the Bible proves it, (the bible proves it)
But what he doesn't seem to know is that Bible,
that he's claimed to have read (It really sucks)
Has about as much facts
as Evil Dead. (I'll swallow your soul)

Yes, God is for sale.
I hope that you fucking rot in jail.


Kent you are the biggest ass in the world,
yes you are.
Kent you're a Dick.


Twinkle Twinkle little God,
Science tells us you're A Fraud.
Existing in the minds of Fools,
Stay out of our Public Schools~
Currently Online
Reluctantly alone, manically depressed, unfortunately alive
They figure me a dead motherfucker
But I'm just a motherfucker that wants to be dead
Poor buddy with the lead in his head
Turning me into a sweater
People use me as their fucking bedspread
I'll be the silhouette of a sunset
Smoke a cigarette while I compress my depression
Staring into the violet fluorescent lights makes me violent
I'm trying to get the highest I can get before I overdose and die
My ribs are nothing but an empty cage
Black hole in my chest
Big bang
Just a plague on the tip of a wave
In my head, I feel like I'm a guest so I'ma throw it all away
Because when I am dead I will be nothing decomposing in a grave
I'm matter but I don't matter
I can feel my skull shatter from the dull chatter
Brain splattered on the wall
Grey stains won't dissolve
Gonna have to paint it all

Always boasting my emotions
On how I'm so fucking broken
Think I'm joking when I'm talking
About blowing my head open
Till the moment you walk in
And find my body motionless
Wrists slit
Thoughts of me falling in an open pit, shit
Always burn my bridges
Cause I'd rather fall in ditches
If life's a game of inches
Then my dick has been the biggest
And my goal's to fuck the world
Until that motherfucker's twitching
Lane switchin', same mission
To die and blame my addiction, bitch
Screenshot Showcase
The Hired Gun
9 2
Slick Aug 10 @ 4:40am 
Ryder Nibba
The7thOne Apr 27 @ 5:50pm 
"So, when is the slav gonna release SAC?" says Gary, breaking the fourth wall.
Niko Bellic Apr 15 @ 3:42pm 
w-... what
The7thOne Apr 15 @ 3:39pm 
A slav and a hacker walk into a kitchen.
The hacker says, "Pass the cabbage".
The slav says, "No cabbage, radio".
They both fall into a coma.
Niko Bellic Mar 12 @ 10:14pm 
r a t d a d d y
The7thOne Mar 12 @ 9:39pm 
knock knock
who's there?
cabbage who?
cabbage rat