Hi, i'm a hardcore otaku since childhood, my main hobby is watching animes, I always watch all the new animes every seasons without dropping any. I've probably completed more than 3000 of them by now, I stopped keeping track long ago.
I'm also a huge LN & Manga reader and anisong enthusiast.

On the gaming side;
My current gaming platforms ( only the ones i'm still using ) : PC - Switch - PS4 - 3DS - Vita - IOS
My main pc game : Path of Exil
My main console game : Super Smash Bros Ultimate ( Greninja Main and high level user of Kamui, Lucario, Diddy Kong, Pac-Man and Zero Suit Samus, i can play with others too but i mostly use those ones. )
Current Mobile games : Azur Lane ( Shikikan since day 1 )

Switch's friend code : SW-1720-0911-9715 ( Name : AshenWitch )


You can send friend invite if you're looking for SSBU fights or to talk with a fellow otaku fan however i'm a laid back person so i'm not gonna waste my time with haters and polemical talks.
Currently Online