Nightmare Night
If you send me a friend request, expect to be asked why.
More info 'bout me below!

I'm a pretty decent person to hang out with, if you're having any sort of emotional problems or just need to talk to someone who wont go tellin' others, I'm your person. Right now, I'm looking to further develop my skills within Information Technology and web/game development. Always try to be the friendlest and funniest guy to game with!

List of things I currently am (Not really updated that much)

- Currently Community Owner of Underscore Gaming
- Retired Chief Administrative Officer of Hydra Gaming - Darkrp
- Retired Developer of Silver Phoenix Gaming - DarkRp
- Retired Senior Super Admin of Atlas Gaming - DarkRp
- Retired Superadmin of Riot Gaming - Hl2rp
- Retired Superadmin of Firelance Gaming
- Let go Moderator of Artimis Gaming
- Retired Senior Administrator of Argon Gaming

*Retired means that I was staff until the community closed.
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Ha, Ha! You thought I would forget? #FirstIn2021
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#FirstIn2019 :)
The Lion May 18, 2018 @ 7:32am 
+Rep, one of the best staff members I've had in my many years of server ownership. Reliable and dedicated. Happy to have you for as long as I have so far, buddy!