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N.B: 'The Steam Awards' cards will be available to trade until Thu, January 31, 2019, 10:00 AM PST. Before they expire, they'll be transferred elsewhere. Ensure you complete your sets before the deadline. Thank you for more than 3,000+ trades!

▪ I automatically accept trades (1:1, from the same set) and I'm available 24/7 - a scheduled maintenance downtime might delay trades confirmations, but it shouldn't take too much longer than usual. Confirmations can also be delayed due to overloaded servers, especially during Steam Sales. In case STM isn't available, you can also trade through Steam manually. Unfortunately, users without 'Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator' enabled in their account won't be able to trade.

▪ Please be advised that these accounts aren't associated or involved in 'middleman' trades, so be aware of scam attempts and always verify whom you're trading with - every account that I own has this one added as a friend. Any scam attempts such as 'fake' trades to bypass the algorithm will have you permanently blocked. Trades are manually reviewed occasionally to verify any anomaly or ill-intentioned users. Also, note that 'Steam Subscriber Agreement' considers that "all trades are final", so review them before sending and/or confirming. Reverting a trade isn't possible.

▪ I don't make any profits from these accounts and trades. Apart from Steam's own ecosystem, these accounts aren't used for anything else except 'card bots', which is publicly disclosed as 'Trade Bot' on STM and offered as a community service. These cards aren't sold and/or offered anywhere else. Nevertheless, users can donate items, if they so wish, or purchase from Humble Bundle through the referral link below, which supports the partner and the chosen charity.

ᵃᵈ Check Humble Monthly [] out, a curated bundle of games sent to your inbox every month for only $12. Subscribing to Humble Monthly supports me and a portion of proceeds go directly to the BBRFoundation, a non-governmental organization that's committed to alleviating the suffering caused by mental illness by awarding grants that will lead to advances and breakthroughs in scientific research.
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Nickor Jan 8 @ 7:01pm 
Hey, traders! Thank you so much for more than 3K+ trades. It means a lot to me! :csdsmile: Just a friendly-reminder to trade all your 'The Steam Awards' cards before the deadline, as they'll no longer be available. Once again, thank you for trading!
Nickorasu Jan 8 @ 6:50pm 
Some users were found exploiting SteamTrade Matcher for profit and have been now blocked. This account is offered as a community service to allow users to complete their sets easily; this means having sets available for our users without the account getting flooded by bots that sell these sets elsewhere. Please follow STM's guidelines to ensure a safe trading.

If you believe you've been wrongly blocked, you can appeal it by contacting the owner. However, block reasons aren't individually disclosed and may not be reverted by the owner's discretion (i.e if you've been blocked, you've done something wrong).
Nickorasu Jan 3 @ 12:42pm 
SteamTrade Matcher suffered problems this morning (as of 11:00 AM PST), which removed the account from being publicly listed. It appears to be fixed and the inventory is now being properly scanned. If you encounter problems while attempting to trade on STM, try the alternative mentioned above. Thank you for your comprehension.