[24e]NickCole ♛
Georgia, United States
Tournament Championships
1st Place NANWL League 2 Season 3 (Nr37)
1st Place EUNWL League 2 Season 5 (27y)
1st Place EUNWL League 2 Season 6 (92nd)
1st Place NANWL League 3 Season 6 (2eLG)
1st Place NANWL League 1 Season 7 Nr8(LG)
1st Place NAPL Season 2 Nr8(LG)
1st Place Liquid's 4v4 Melee Tournament Nr8(LG) - Wastee,RussianFury,Theodin,NickCole
1st Place Dan's 5v5 Tournament Nr8(LG) - Wastee,RussianFury,NickCole,Yoshie,BillTheButcher
1st Place Orc's 7v7 Tournament Nr8(LG) - Wastee,RussianFury,Yoshie,NickCole,Jorge,Bill,Rafael
1st Place Dan's 4v4 Tournament (SoF) - NickCole,Anthony,Dodge,MrWhaleFish,Jaax
1st Place The Ultimate 4v4 Bragging Rights Tournament Pt.2 (NA All-Stars) - NickCole,Havoc,Sanders,Dasmark,Swerp
1st Place NA 3v3 Melee Tournament (NA All-Stars) - NickCole,Sanders,Fireboy,Jaax
2nd Place NANWL League 2 Season 2 (22e)
2nd Place EUNWL League 2 Season 8 (92nd)
2nd Place Regimental Groupfighting League Nr8(LG)
2nd Place Moraine’s 2v2 Tournament (EzCashMoney) - NickCole,Sanders,Fwuffy
2nd Place NA Gold 5v5 Groupfighting League Season 2 (Roof Top Koreans) - DanTheChef,Hawkince,Montoya,Saltyy,Gi,NickCole,Pedro,Fireboy
3rd Place Napoleonic Linebattle Cup (92nd)
3rd Place Vetro's 2v2 Tournament (22e) - Anthony,NickCole,Bick
Napoleonic Wars Regimental History
[European Side]
2013 Janurary 51st? - Rct?
2013 Feburary-July 65th - Pfc
2014 April-June 32e - SoD
2014 July-September Nr4 - Rkt
2015 January-May 27y - Rdv
2015 May-June 12th - Pvt
2015 June-July 10th - Pvt
2015/2016 August-March 75e/92nd - Pte
2016 March-July 74th/18e SoP/Fus
2016/2017 August-February 75e/93rd/92nd - Gren
2017 May-June 17e - SoD
2017/2018 October-Feburary 9e - Fus
2018 Feburary-June 33rd - Rgl *Current*
[North American Side]
2013 Feburary-May 63e - SoD
2013 May-July 3rdCSG - Maj
2013 July-November 107thFK - Col
2013/2014 November-January 26th/18thRI - SgtMaj
2014 January-July Nr11 - Col
2014 July-September 22e - Adj
2014 October-December Nr37 - Fahn
2015 January-February Nr11 - Col
2015 February-March 84e - Grd
2015 April-May 4eHuss - Cpl
2015 May-August 34e - SLtn
2015 August-September 45e - SoD
2015 October 1stWA - Pvt
2015/2016 October-July 102e/2eCG - HChef/VChef
2016 August-October 75th - Rct
2016 October-December 45e/78th - SoD/Gren
2016/2017 November-Feburary 1stSH - Kgm
2017 Feburary-August LG - Kpl
2017 May-July 2eCG - GrdM
2017 August-December 39th - Cpl
2017/2018 November-March 93rd - Cpt
2018 March-April 15e - SoD
2018 April-June 87th - Pte
2018 June 24e - Cpt *Current*
[24e]NickCole ♛ Jun 20 @ 12:47am 
Delirious Pleb Jun 19 @ 3:41pm 
Hey, sorry I saw your profile and I just thought you looked cute in your picture.
I really wanted to tell you that it's really rare to see girls playing video games haha!
I don't know why it's a guy thing honestly I'm like really against misogyny and like I'll be the one in the kitchen making sandwiches.
We should really play left 4 dead 2 sometime its a really cool zombie game with a lot of scary moments, but don't worry I'll be there to protect you ;)
Sorry that wasnt flirting I swear I'm just trying to be friendly I really like your profile picture, sorry was that too far?
Really sorry I'm really shy I don't go out much haha add me on skype we should talk you look really nice and fun xxx.
[24e]NickCole ♛ Jun 18 @ 2:47pm 
English plz
Winters Jun 18 @ 12:57pm 
Par un dimanche au souère
En m'en allant veiller (bis)
Dans mon chemin rencontre
Une vieille fille qui pleurait
24e | Charles LeClair Jun 2 @ 6:01am 
Hello. I am the owner of www.gayhunktinder.com that you joined not too long ago, and I would like to notify that your account has several replies to your ad titled "Hairy Hunk Looking For Skinny Twink". Thank you for using www.gayhunktinder.com , and I wish you a great day!
james Jun 1 @ 1:20pm 
since when did i have a white supremacist in my steam friends?