Nicholas   Canada
If I don't know you i wont add you
If you need me to add you for a specific reason just comment why
Not selling my gifted items, so please dont ask
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Selling many items from my backpack!
Pro ks Strange King of the Jungle Minigun (WW) ---- Taking offers
Infernal Flames Kazotsky Kick --- 69 keys
Aces High Soldered Sensai --- 20 keys
Link to my --- Backpack []
Link to my shop --- Shop []
If you want to send me a trade offer --- Trade Offer
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Simpe things to know
1. If you have a private profile or private backpack you will not be accepted!
2. I know most scam methods so don't waste your time!
3. I am only selling the items that are listed in my backpack!
4. If you are looking for an unmute or unban use an appeal on Skial! []
5. If I do not recognize your username because it has changed I will unfriend! (Feel free to ReAdd)

• I trade in my free time in TF2 when I can, items I am selling are listed in my Backpack []
• Do not low ball on the items I am selling

• Class mains:
Casual: Sniper, Soldier, Spy
Competitive: Soldier, Medic
MVM: Engineer, Medic
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