Carlos Brown (14, 10/14/03)   Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
I work in Unity, Roblox, Lua, and Node.js, as well as C# and Javascript.
I also make SFM posters with Pokemon sometimes. I mostly submit to my FA instead of Steam. Add me because I need more friends in life
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Hai there
[RG] Miles*Tails*Prower Jul 1 @ 1:14pm 
Well i dont know it too why you blocked me i dont even know you xD
¡zylfy♧ Jun 14 @ 12:08pm 
can u make me a profile gif and will i need to pay
Treycen Jun 2 @ 12:44am 
Ebola (La La) ~~ Parody of Fergie "LA Love" ~ Rucka Rucka Ali
puntero May 30 @ 7:04pm 
pls don't slay me i love you
KiwiPupper May 30 @ 1:44pm 
English please, cyanic, luna, and ✪ Azthex