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About Me!

Political affiliation: Marxist Leninism, Anti-fascism

Favorite music genres: Punk-rock, Hardcore, Thrash, Power-Pop

Favorite bands: Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys, Weezer, Hussalonia, The Ovens, Youth Brigade, Government Issue, Lawrence Arabia

Favorite games: CSGO, PUBG

Unbox History

Feb 7 2018: Bowie Knife Doppler FN

March 24 2018: Bloodhound Gloves Guerilla FT

April 2 2018: Moto Gloves Spearmint MW (1000$ god tier unbox)

Rank History

โžœ Silver 1 : โœ”
โžœ Silver 2 : โœ”
โžœ Silver 3 : โœ”
โžœ Silver 4 : โœ”
โžœ Silver Elite : โœ”
โžœ Silver Elite Master : โœ”
โžœ Gold Nova 1 : โœ”
โžœ Gold Nova 2 : โœ”
โžœ Gold Nova 3 : โœ˜
โžœ Gold Nova Master : โœ˜
โžœ Master Guardian 1 : โœ˜
โžœ Master Guardian 2 : โœ˜
โžœ Master Guardian Elite : โœ˜
โžœ Distinguished Master Guardian : โœ˜
โžœ Legendary Eagle : โœ˜
โžœ Legendary Eagle Master : โœ˜
โžœ Supreme Master First Class : โœ˜
โžœ The Global Elite : โœ˜

Social Media!

Heres some of my public social media accounts you can follow!

Instagram: @ny.socialist @stalinsfeet

Youtube: The New York Socialist

Elon Musk Jun 17 @ 9:19pm 
marxism is deeply flawed lol
Vexxey May 26 @ 7:10pm 
+rep fun to talk to, good guy
[Shady] Just a Trap Apr 18 @ 9:40am 
guessing ya sold the modest
Genesis Mar 12 @ 2:18pm 
+rep constant screaming that made me laugh my ass off :goodidea:
kingo Mar 3 @ 1:48pm 
nice to know you for like, two minutes
young african-american boy Jan 21 @ 9:05am 
kill yourself XDD