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Nero Sparda
Wowie i'm now better than Vergil
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Some Rules You Need To Know Before Adding me
:ADNalert:Coment Before Adding Me Beause I Dont Add Random Accounts
:ADNalert:Private Profiles ,hell no
:ADNalert:Don't add me if you Have Vac ban [Purity has one and i won't remove her:winkkit:]
:ADNalert:Your Level Must Be At Least 10
:ADNalert:Comment With The Reason You Added Me For
:ADNalert:Don't Spam [Game invites/Chat]
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Feel Free To Send Your Messages.
Away: :ok_ay:
My Phone Might Be Connected To The Internet And i'm Sleeping Or Something Else
Send Me One Message And If I Don't Answer Just Close The Chat
Sleeping/Out Of Home/Dead
Some Information You Need To Know About Me
:em01:Gender: [Male]
:em01:Name/Age [I can't give it to anyone so just call me Nero]
:em01:Account Birthday: [2014-2-17 xd]
:em01:Favourite Song: [In The End - Linkin Park]
:em01:Favourite Rapper: [Eminem]
:em01:Favourite Bands : [Asking Alexandria / Linkin Park / Thousand Foot Krutch]
:em01:Dislike: [Spammers / Fake Friends ]
:em01:Like: [Games / Rap / Achieves Hunt / Uploading Cool Screenshots]
:em01:My Birthday is at 19/5
:em01: My Second ACCOUNT
:em01: My YT Channel
:em01:Current Clan [DaggerZ]
:DMCDante:I'm a big fan of Devil May Cry and Resident Evil :Leon:
:bheart:List Of Great People I've Met :bheart:
:ghlol: جقلر الجقلر الجقلر:ghlol:
:ghlol:The Almighty Jill Sammich:ghlol:
:ghlol:King Tiger:ghlol:
:DMCDante: Lord of Nothing (バージル.):DMCDante:
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120 hrs on record
last played on Apr 25
u stole my heart :DMCJester1:
Purity™ 11 hours ago 
Can you remove a part from your heart :thinking:?
Purity™ 19 hours ago 
Purity™ 19 hours ago 
"I Dont Add Vaced Accounts"
Look at meeeeee