Nergal Junior
Friendless freak   Florida, United States
I am NOT a furry, I just have a thing for them
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:ss2heart::ss2heart:Hai! I’m nergal junior and I’m from the center of the earth >~< I am a shy bisexual half human half demon and I’d love to meet chu!
My powers include tentacles that I can control at will and shapeshift into almost anything
I love to rp and I am a sub or dom depending on the person :3 and I like to be a femboy at times >~>
I usually play tf2 at my spare time (if you didn’t see how much money I spent) and play casual, competitive, and sometimes join trade servers :3
If you are adding me for items I don’t usually trade, and no scammers allowed >~<
I sometimes have an edgy, pessimistic and lewd personality but I’m always friendly to almost everyone!
My favorite music genres everything except rap and country.
You can contact me on discord, Nergal Junior#4496 or join my discord server!
I really love furries and and have a huge liking towards some :3 (not all)

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Hal 7 hours ago 
D r y m o u t h
Aurous 14 hours ago 
yeah dude its the real one
frono 22 hours ago 
holy ♥♥♥♥ its the real nergal junior from the billy mandy funny wunny show everyone look at him its him holy crap look oh my GOSH
Nergal Junior Sep 18 @ 9:03am 
All religion is dumb don’t believe in any bro
Itheripus Sep 18 @ 8:05am 
Haha yeah I'd never touch hands, thighs or feet with you during the prayer lol😅.... unless there's no one in the mosque other than us🙄🙄🙄..... Haha jk I would just pray alone in the corner😔 and feel lonely.... unless you follow me outside the mosque🏃‍♂️.... Lmao jk, even if we exchanged numbers it would be just to help each other with reciting Quran😂😂... unless one night during Ramadan.... I feel very lonely and nobody's answering my texts and then I text you: "I can't forget your smell".... Haha I'M JUST Joking wtf that's a really weird message that would make you block me immediately and tell everyone that I'm gay and tried to hit on you!!!... unless you reply: "I was bending over really hard while praying on purpose, to let you get a whiff of my butt".... ROFL THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN it's gay and homosexuality is a sin in Islam.... :WhiteWolfInterset::WhiteWolfInterset::WhiteWolfInterset::WhiteWolfInterset: