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Unlocked Mar 23 @ 10:36am

True Detective!

You've collected all of the achievements and then some!
Unlocked Mar 21 @ 7:54pm

Arts And Crafts!

You have made a magnifier!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 11:02am

Photo Development 101!

You've developed Red's photo!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 11:33am

Higher Aspirations!

You have crafted the attic hook!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 12:00pm

Forging Documents Is Hard Work!

Got the clearance to the city!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 10:42am

Fear Of The Dark!

You've got the flashlight working!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 10:27am

Laughing Stock!

You have made Ted a laughing stock!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 11:03am


You have killed Millie, you monster!
Unlocked Mar 23 @ 10:15am

Red Has Left the Building!

You didn't kill Millie, bless your kind heart!
Unlocked Mar 21 @ 7:48pm

I'm Into Heavier Stuff!

You've turned off the record player at least once!
Unlocked Mar 21 @ 7:48pm

Play That Funky Thing!

You've turned the record player back on again!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 10:32am

Around The World!

You've made that globe spin... right round, baby, right round!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 1:56pm

Protective Custody!

You've listened to the secret message... Now never speak of it again... Or else!
Unlocked Mar 23 @ 10:16am


You gave Millie Red's cloth to inspect!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 9:55pm

Missed Opportunity!

You didn't give Millie Red's cloth to inspect... Cause she's dead! You monster!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 12:01pm


You have finished episode 1!
Unlocked Mar 21 @ 7:49pm

Product Placement!

You've found Nephil's Fall action figure!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 1:24pm

Metal Attraction!

You've crafted the one and only MCD 3000! Good job!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 1:23pm

Soaking The Stalker!

You've made Clark fall! The fisherman became the fish!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 12:56pm

DeeDee Don’t Touch The Button!

You've touched the button! Now suffer the consequences..OR NOT!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 12:54pm

Oh Captain My Captain!

You've read all the pages - and received a standing ovation!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 1:26pm

Bridge Over Troubled Water!

You've lowered the Bridge - you shall now pass!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 1:46pm

Eye Of The Seagull!

You've discovered a seagull carrying a camera - No one will believe you anyway!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 3:50pm

Attempt On Bribery!

You've attempted to bribe Stevie - Shame on you!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 4:43pm

Ooops! Missed A Spot!

You've discovered an unfinished scene - it's called "Modern Art"!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 4:14pm

Breaking The Wall!

You've broken the 4th Wall! Now to find some duct tape!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 4:15pm

Performance Criteria!

You've found the rider!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 4:19pm

I’m Nuts!

Congratulations! You're nuts!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 4:23pm

Social Butterfly!

You've mingled with everyone in the room!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 4:24pm

Crippling Addiction!

Gambled away my inheritance!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 5:18pm

Oh Snap!

You've touched the plant! All fingers intact!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 5:24pm

Slumbear Millionaire (and now to find Latica)!

You've just won - This achievement! Now you can apply to a real trivia!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 5:40pm

Voodoo Charmed I’m Sure!

You've messed with the shadow (wo)man!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 5:34pm

The Fifth Element!

You've combined all the elements!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 10:02pm

Seek And Destroy!

You've set fire to the Shells Bay Diner! You arsonist!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 3:59pm

The Dark Knight Falls!

You've attacked CBG, you monster!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 10:23pm

Dead Officer Mitch!

You've snitched Brian!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 4:04pm

I’m A Bear Not A Rat!

You've spared Brian!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 4:35pm

Feed The Monkey!

You gave Grodd some dessert! Mmm tasty!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 4:43pm

Do You Feel Lucky? Well Do Ya Shark?!

You've tried to shoot the Reef King - and missed!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 4:40pm

We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Gun!

You've decided to spare the Reef King!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 5:15pm

Rabbit Season!

You've hunted rabbits!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 4:36pm

Duck Season!

You've hunted ducks!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 6:18pm

It's Not Gonna Rain!

Who needs an umbrella anyway!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 6:29pm

Call Me Voodoo Jones!

I do love my voodoo!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 6:37pm

Place Your Bets!

Bob or Dudley?!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 7:18pm

The Mechanist!

The mechanist cracks any vault mechanism open in 12 or less actions!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 7:20pm

A Bear Always Pays His Debts!

You give me something I give you something!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 6:48pm

I'm A Quacker!

Just can't stop quacking!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 6:53pm

No Rest For The Wicked!

Know your priorities!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 6:56pm


You know your books!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 7:31pm

You Got Served, Lawrence!

Insult on injury I tell you that!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 7:34pm


Hmm, difficult. VERY difficult. Plenty of thirst, I see!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 8:01pm

Girl Scout!

You merely visited the forest. I was born in it, molded by it!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 8:12pm

Two For One!

How is that even fair!
Unlocked Mar 23 @ 10:36am

Permit A39, Please!

Bureaucracy, bureaucracy, bureaucracy!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 9:50pm

Groundhog Day!

So lets do this all over and over again!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 9:45pm

He's Gone!

Smile, open your eyes, love and go on!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 6:30pm

She Knew!

Discover the content of Tigren's mural!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 7:19pm

King's Evidence!

Retrieve the Evidence Suitcase!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 7:40pm

True Colors!

See the real colors of Flint's Room!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 9:41pm

Home At Last!

It's nice to be back in our old apartment!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 7:35pm

Enjoying The Crime Scenery!

Look at all that evidence!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 7:31pm


You ordered a Nerve Wreck Double Special!
Unlocked Mar 22 @ 6:18pm

Voodoo People Puzzle People!

Impeccable voodoo senses!