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Sep 11, 2018 @ 7:38am
In topic Steam Play/Proton Mouse Issue
Originally posted by SteelDrake:
I'm going to start by saying we probably won't ever (officially, I'm not part of any dev or QA team; just watch over the forums and the chats) support Valve's Proton since we plan to do a proper native linux port after 1.0.

That said:
From what I understand this is a Wine bug affecting all unity games. There's a patch on Staging that happens to fix this particular bug; I just went and made a staging setup (3.15-staging, the one you get from winehq) to verify and it is fixed on there. Here's the link to the bug

So, this isn't something we can fix. For now, you can do what I did and get wine-staging and set up dxvk on there to get the near-native performance you get from Proton, but without the mouse bug.

Thanks for your quick reply.
I am aware Proton most likely won't be supported, just wanted to see if any members here had the same issue and managed to fix it somehow. Looking forward for when the native Linux version rolls around when the time comes.

But yeah, I did some research about it earlier and it is indeed a unity thing, oddly. Although, I've found out something interesting - plugging in a generic usb mouse instead of my g502 makes the problem much less severe. Still there, but much, much more playable than it was on my g502.

I even had a similar issue with DOOM 2016, where if I was using my g502 and moved the mouse slowly horizontally it'd get caught and only be able to move vertically until I started moving it quickly again, which was really strange - but then I plugged in my generic mouse and the issue was completely fixed.

So, that combined with slight autoaim and vsync on in DUSK seems to make the game a LOT more playable. Still slightly annoying, but definite improvement over when I was using my logi g502.

I think the reason why my generic one works much better may be because of dodgy drivers on my logi mouse acting up in games, so I'll do a bit more research about that. Im fine with using my generic mouse (which, if info is needed - its a Razer Deathadder knockoff/replica I got from ebay that uses generic drivers lol), but I'll tinker around with it a bit more.

Simply unplugging the 502 then plugging it in again didn't seem to fix the mouse issue for DOOM as my generic mouse did, so my next attempt will be trying out different USB ports - but I'm fairly certain it's a driver issue so it probably won't matter, but ya never know.

For now I think I'll wait for a possible patch or fix for proton from steam themselves since its for all unity games apparently - but I may try out the game in Lutris, or try out the fix you suggested.

Sep 10, 2018 @ 7:38pm
In topic Steam Play/Proton Mouse Issue
I tried the Steam Play for Linux thing for DUSK, and the game is working almost perfect for me- except for the mouselook, which oddly seems to look off into the bottom right if I move my mouse too slow.

I understand the entire Steam Play thing is in development still and is in beta, but I was wondering if maybe anyone had a possible fix? This game is so close to working with proton, would be a shame if the mouse issue couldn't be fixed

(If it matters- my mouse is a Logitech g502. Using nvidia 390 linux drivers as well if thats needed)
Oct 29, 2016 @ 12:22pm
In topic Unable to go into windowed
Press ALT + ENTER to go into windowed.
Oct 6, 2016 @ 3:13pm
In topic Scott is Schrodinger's Developer
Jan 18, 2016 @ 2:05pm
In topic Feb 19th release date false??
Originally posted by Scott:
I won't make it to Feb 19th.

Clear your schedules for this weekend. ;)

*reverse clapping*
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