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Welcome to hell.
Don't add me unless you really want to, state reasoning in the comments.

:ranger: PC Specs :ranger:
Intel single core i5-4460 3.2 GHz
Nvidia GTX GeForce 1060
Hard drives 1800+GB and 223GB SSD
Intel H81 Chipset motherboard

:sundrive:About me:sundrive:
I am not gonna discuss politics for a while now, if you remember my political past do not fucking mention it.

Most of the groups I joined I have joined ironically.

I am a person from Croatia, I am introverted, edgy, likes music and games, but really bored with my life and contemplating many life choices and hobbies at the moment.

I make fun of everything and everyone, I am kind of an asshole.

I am very feminine, emotional etc. for a man, make fun of me for being a beta cuck.

Send me shit

I mostly speak English and Croatian and really tiny bit of German. I can write in cyrillic and latin alphabets, and most other slavic languages are easy to understand for me, but I probably won't understand much.

I like every kind of music, hit me up if you have reccomendations.

:MoneySigna:Honorable chat moments:MoneySigna:
★*❄RedsInDemon❄*★: Lel, out smarted. I can't be asked for this to be honest. Got better stuff to get on with. I hope you cut your wrists and drown on your own blood and end up living and burning in hell you utter useless, brain-dead, waste of skin human being which would be considered as a CUNT as everyone in the future. Soooooooooooooooo peaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

★*❄RedsInDemon❄*★: Well you know why.
depressed left radical: What do I know?
depressed left radical: That you are a lying piece of shit that told someone I DDOSed someone?
depressed left radical: How low can you go?
★*❄RedsInDemon❄*★: I just got ddosed.
depressed left radical: AND YOU THOUGHT IT WAS ME
depressed left radical: SO WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE
depressed left radical: YOU SPREAD LIES
★*❄RedsInDemon❄*★: And, I asked Azu if it was you because it was funny how you messaged me right before it happened.
depressed left radical: BTW THIS IS GOING ON MY PROFILE HAHA
★*❄RedsInDemon❄*★: And?
★*❄RedsInDemon❄*★: Cool make me feel more depressed and suicidal.
★*❄RedsInDemon❄*★: I don't care anymore.
depressed left radical: Well do it then you fucking pussy.

Call from ★*❄RedsInDemon❄*★ started.
Call with ★*❄RedsInDemon❄*★ ended.
★*❄RedsInDemon❄*★: Answer now.
depressed left radical: Nope you are not getting my IP sonny.
★*❄RedsInDemon❄*★: I swear to fucking god.
★*❄RedsInDemon❄*★: No.
★*❄RedsInDemon❄*★: TO speak.
★*❄RedsInDemon❄*★: I don't even know how to track I.p's.
★*❄RedsInDemon❄*★: I don't even fucking ddos.
★*❄RedsInDemon❄*★: And I will then.
depressed left radical: Aha, yes, I can trust some random stranger that basically hates me.

★*♡ Azu-Chan ♡*★: well dont mess with me
depressed left radical: Oooo
★*♡ Azu-Chan ♡*★: im on my period and i can be a bitch c:
★*♡ Azu-Chan ♡*★: so you better fucking watch it
depressed left radical: And what will you do?
★*♡ Azu-Chan ♡*★: well i could easily ddos you
★*♡ Azu-Chan ♡*★: not hard
★*♡ Azu-Chan ♡*★: c:
★*♡ Azu-Chan ♡*★: like you did to my bf
★*♡ Azu-Chan ♡*★: >.<
depressed left radical: HHHAHHAHAAHAHAHHAHA
depressed left radical: OKAY
depressed left radical: HERE
depressed left radical: I'MMA GIVE YOU MY IP
depressed left radical: JUST TO MAKE IT EASIER ON YOU
★*♡ Azu-Chan ♡*★: Cba im to fucking lazy
★*♡ Azu-Chan ♡*★: you're not worth it!
★*♡ Azu-Chan ♡*★: c:
depressed left radical: To me it seems you just don't know.
depressed left radical: Here, I'mma give you my IP.
★*♡ Azu-Chan ♡*★: i do but you;re not worth my time
depressed left radical: Sure sure

depressed left radical: Here you go
depressed left radical: IP censored and for the record it was not even mine
★*♡ Azu-Chan ♡*★: Now i can leak your ip thanks
depressed left radical: Great
depressed left radical: Please do it,
★*♡ Azu-Chan ♡*★: i will when you least expect it
★*♡ Azu-Chan ♡*★: bye now
★*♡ Azu-Chan ♡*★: :steamsalty:
★*♡ Azu-Chan ♡*★: get deleted
depressed left radical: Oof
depressed left radical: Ight
depressed left radical: It was fun.
★*♡ Azu-Chan ♡*★: yeah it was :d

14:59 - Danté: Tell Neccria to get his nationalistic degenerate croatian head out of his crusty arsehole
9:25 AM - Danté: So the Croat can berate me with his insignificant country's history

BackwardsSpy 9 Jul @ 7:36pm
reported for using vpn and sending cp

Skitty - Today at 9:04 PM
yeah but im sure they r probably people noone likes at school
cuz their lives r just memes

.•♥Bubble Heart♥•. Just now
the fuck is slavs?

★♡ Azu-Chan ♡★: btw dont talk about my mum being gay ty
★♡ Azu-Chan ♡★: she is dying of cancer so never fucking talk about my mum

"I suck it with 5 min and it work my sperm go out hahahah im just a kid and its my first time to see a sperm"
-JEZ kalaksis 2016

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[Furs] Merrick Mar 16 @ 1:06pm 
That's nice.
uzička Mar 16 @ 12:04pm 
well you aren't acting like you like getting the notifications, so whz don't you just turn them off lmao.
Neccria Mar 16 @ 10:28am 
okay nigga
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No shit you can literally turn them off, 'cause you have to literally turn them on to get them, which means the notifications I'm recieving are voluntary. You're an idiot. This conversation is over.
Neccria, good choice in friends/accomplices.
uzička Mar 15 @ 1:38pm 
you can litteraly turn off notifications. also, since when is neccria a fucking furry nigga, nigga?