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Posted: Sep 26, 2018 @ 1:09pm

The enemy balance in this game is terrible. It feels like playing with a DM that has a goal to make their players feel powerless and die in every encounter. This isn’t a get good or try harder situation.

There are 6 premade difficulty settings and anything above “Normal” basically adds flat AC, chance to hit, and damage to all enemies. This makes almost every encounter end with 1-2 downed characters on “Normal” which is the level 3 difficulty. Many people have even complained of not making it out of the tutorial on “Challenging” which is the level 4 difficulty.
The game allows you to tweak how much damage enemies can deal to you. You can, and are expected to, do this in between every fight. “Normal” has enemy damage set to 80% with Weak crits. “Challenging” bumps this up to 100% (full damage from enemies) and Normal crits. Playing on “Challenging” I ended up reloading fights 5-10 times until I got dice rolls lucky enough to hit regular bandits that had 32AC for no real reason. You will spend your whole game changing enemy damage up or down until you feel you earned your win, but not with too many deaths. This is a D&D game where you must pick the difficulty of your own encounters and if you pick wrong you will retry over and over…

Besides enemy damage, another issue is the type of enemies you face. You are forced to finish every encounter (no way to run). I fought ghosts, werewolves, and swarms all early game before I had AoE, silver weapons, or any magic in my team since I started as a rogue. Some of these were unavoidable travel encounters.

Everything else about this game felt great. The story and characters were fine, and I liked the combat style. The character creation was spot on D&D. The UI was nice to look at and functioned well.

If the developers balance the enemies in this game, I think I would come back to play the entire game. As is, don’t bother buying this because at least 20% of my play time was character creation and changing damage sliders. Without enemy balance the combat felt terrible and combat is a major part of this game.

Devs, PLEASE balance this game. I want it to be great.
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Sterno Sep 27, 2018 @ 3:36pm 
1. I’d love to see a screenshot of the 32AC bandits.
2. Challenging also boosts enemy stats, giving them all +2 to-hit, Ac, saves, etc.
nebior Sep 27, 2018 @ 2:11pm 
@Skdursh My issue wasn't that the fights can get hard. I love a good fight that takes planning and preperation. What I dislike is that if I play on Normal the bosses and more deadly monsters feel like a nice challenge, but everything else cannot harm me. If I play on challenging the mobs feel okay and then the bosses can only be hit with a roll of 19-20. There doesn't seem to be a good middle ground between too easy and too hard and with all of the settings I felt I was flip flopping over and over. They have a nice system in the game where you can right click to see the rolls behind hit/misses and damage and many times there were situations when I would need to roll a 19-20 to even hit an enemy and that was in scripted/forced story missions. The harder difficulties should have made the encounters more complex, not just add numbers to stat blocks. I want a challenge and I couldn't find a setting in 6 hours that made the game feel good.
Skdursh Sep 27, 2018 @ 1:37pm 
Maybe you just need to GIT GUD or play on a lower difficulty setting? I've been paying RTwP RPGs since Baldur's Gate and with these types of games you really need to use your buffs, potions, set traps, ect. in order to get the advantage. If you don't want to be challenged, play on an easier setting. It's as simple as that.