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Destiny 2 has some of the best FPS gunplay on the market today, especially if you enjoy playing with friends. If that's all you care about then you might want to give the game a try. D2 has just recently begun transitioning to a more RPG-focused style of play so some things such as mods, perks and skill trees aren't fully fleshed out yet. That said you probably won't notice this unless you're in the end-game trying to min-max your build.

The early game can be a little challenging for new players because of all the various systems at play. Think of it as an easier Warframe or Path of Exile. There are plenty of resources to find out more about the game however, particularly on Reddit. /r/ShardItKeepIt for deciding which weapons to keep or discard. /r/CruciblePlaybook for PvP tips. /r/DestinyTheGame as the official unofficial subreddit for the game, and /r/Destiny2 for the memes. You can also look to /r/Fireteams or the Destiny mobile app to find people to play with.

In terms of free content, the first three campaigns are unlocked - The Red War, Curse of Osiris, and Warmind. You also have access to all strikes (replayable mini-missions), PvP and PvEvP maps and modes, and all 9 planets/destinations. Additionally there are three raids available - Leviathan, Spire of Stars, and Eater of Worlds. These are challenging but fun 6-man activities that require a lot of coordination and skill to beat. There's a lot more F2P activities as well that you will find once you start playing. They may not have all been amazing at launch, but after 1-2 years of updates and tuning they've never been more enjoyable.

Forsaken is the first paid DLC. Purchase of it comes with the raids Last Wish, Scourge of the Past, and Crown of Sorrow, as well as several exotic weapons. Even if you don't or won't raid, it's worth it for the story alone. It's a sci-fi western tale of revenge for a dear friend, and is Destiny's highest narrative moment.

Shadowkeep is the second and newest paid DLC. While not as impressive as Forsaken story-wise, there's still a lot of content to do especially considering how it's bundled with the current Season Pass. This is the story of how another ancient threat is discovered under the Moon. Sounds underwhelming yes, but saying anymore would require spoilers. The current Season focuses on an army of machines controlled by sentient milk that invades the solar system. Absolutely worth it. There's also a raid included here, Garden of Salvation, as well as an upcoming dungeon.

All in all, there's an overwhelming amount of content here if you're a new player. It may be daunting, but play through the (optional but highly recommended) campaigns and you'll soon find yourself at home with the game.
TL:DR - Satisfying guns, good campaigns and TONS of content make for a very good FPS-RPG game
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