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War-Lords was started back in 2005 and started moving to the Counter-Strike scene sometime after that, the community itself was started to provide free servers to the community and expected nothing back in return.
A lot has changed, for us to continue to maintain our servers and also provide the best of performance, we need help from the community. Donating to the War-Lords community will help us in many ways to expand as well as maintain our current financial burden for the servers and hosting.

Player Report & Bug Report
· Player Report:
Message me if you see any hacker in our servers.
I'm not always online. If you need to report a player, you just need to type what you want to say to the admins in the teamchat(u) with @ ahead.
For example, type this in teamchat(u): @Admin, I think Tom is hacking, can you check it out please?
Or you can post a thread on our forum with a game DEMO and follow this format [] to report players: .
I already subscribed to the forums with my phone, I will deal with them ASAP.

· Bug Report:
Please report to Bison or Riser if you found any bugs in our server, make sure to specify server when reporting. Or post a thread here:

Server Rules
The following is not permitted and will result in swift punishment:
· Ghosting, cheating, hacking, or use of 3rd party scripts will result in permanent bans.
· Griefing (e.g., team flashing, team killing, sabotaging teammates, or cade breaking).
· Ignoring admins or undermining their actions (e.g., refusing to comply or switching back to a stacked team).
· Impersonating a server admin.
· Ignoring game objectives (e.g., not trying to win or friendly zombies).
· Exploiting the server, game, or map (e.g., causing server lag or crashes, using transparent materials, or breaking the map).
· Inappropriate sprays (e.g., shock sprays, genitalia sprays, or porn). Mild nudity is allowed.
· Inappropriate language or names (e.g., racism and/or excessive profanity).
· Spamming voice or chat.
· Advertising servers or linking to hacking websites.
The list is non-exhaustive. If you're unsure about anything ask an admin.

Server List

Useful Links:
· Forum:
· Server list:
· Server rules:
· Admin list:
· Pug help:
· Ban list:
· Ban appeals:
· HLStatsX:

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