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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Mar 12, 2016 @ 6:03pm


Survive a round with 100% health
Unlocked Mar 12, 2016 @ 6:03pm

First Strike

Kill your first player

Vampire Slayer

Kill 5 Vampires

The Vampire Within

Become a Vampire

Bloodhound Slayer

Kill 15 Bloodhounds as a Murderer

Innocent Slayer

Kill 40 Innocents as a Murderer


Get DNA off of 50 bodies

Metal Detector

Find over 300 items

Innocent Player

Win over 50 rounds as an innocent

Murder God

Win over 25 rounds as a murderer


Flame over 50 players

Chemical Expert

Kill over 25 players using poison traps

Match Maker

Link a victim to a murderer with DNA

Vampire God

Steal the souls of 100 victims

Stab Artist

Stab over 150 players to death


Play the piano


See what the dead say using a seance device

Killing Spree

Kill over 400 players in total

Secret Chime

Play the Manor's secret chime

Biggest Loser

Die over 100 times


Kill over 250 players with a gun