Oi bruv, read the rules below. K thx bye.
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Welcome! Here's some informations and rules:

¤ I will not accept random friend requests. If you have a private profile, I will block you (Even if you aren't a phisher bot).

¤ Send me a trade offer if you want to trade with me.

¤ Last, but not least, do not post a comment on my profile if I don't know you. I will remove it (and block you if you spam in it, you cheeky basterd). Oh also no racist stuffs ( right Nauti? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

Except for you \V/A\, you get a bypass for that bb. [imgur.com]


¤ I'm a huge sport fan (unlike most of you guys, no offense), so if you don't know what's going on with the Browns in the NFL, I can understand ye.

¤ Favorite NFL teams: Carolina Panthers and Cleveland Browns.

¤ Favorite CFL team: Ottawa REDBLACKS (yes, their official name is in all caps)

¤ Favorite NHL team: Montreal Canadians (they sucked)

¤ Favorite NBA team: Toronto Raptors (they traded DeMar :KSad: )

¤ Favorite MLB team: Toronto Blue Jays (hey, I'm canadian so I like canadian teams, k?)

¤ Favorite food: Pasta

¤ Favorite video game all-time: Mario Kart Double Dash!

¤ PC: Predator 5G Gaming Labtop (Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M)
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A selfish♥♥♥♥♥
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You've won a key from the Disc-FF unusual contest, please add me so i can get you your reward.
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+5 hell points
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Woah, thx dude :Khappy:
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:warppot: HAPPEYH BIRTHDAYY MANG!!! :happy_creep: :banana: