Napy Da Wise
Architect, workshop item maker, awesome guy.
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I made/worked on theses TF2 items :
-The Dead Little Buddy
-The Winter Wonderland Wrap
-The Merc's Muffler
-The Letch's LED
-The Halogen Head Lamp
-The Haunted Hat
-The Mucous Membrain
-The Second Opinion
-The Battery Canteens
-The Fashionable Megalomaniac
-The Deep Cover Operator
-The Eye-Catcher

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Cash the Chews Aug 1 @ 10:36am 
>Makes a snake bandana
>Only spy and sniper can wear it
CmonBruh I wanted muh Big Boss engie set with the something crisis
Napy Da Wise Jul 23 @ 5:43am 
I wouldn't want them to be on gamebanana, as they are way outdated and not supported anymore.
b0tkllr | Jul 22 @ 10:35am 
Added to ask about submitting some of your old mods to gamebanana
ximiwi1 Jul 18 @ 4:55am 
I like your guides
Patriot Foxxo May 21 @ 6:01am 
added to report a broken item
ÜberZord Apr 10 @ 7:14pm 
Hi there, I need advice on making an item similar to one of yours.