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Ain’t no rule in the book says a hot dog vendor can’t eat his own merchandise.
Literally the best username in the world.

"Whenever i fuck up, i eat a sock" - T-Bongle Dubongolongle
"Thats not a girl, thats a bitch!" - KyleDT
"I always Squeeze tit" - lolyou

Fuck around server config
sv_cheats 1; sv_infinite_ammo 1; ammo_grenade_limit_total 5; mp_warmup_end; mp_freezetime 0; mp_roundtime 60; mp_roundtime_defuse 60; sv_grenade_trajectory 1;
sv_grenade_trajectory_time 10; sv_showimpacts 1; mp_limitteams 0; mp_autoteambalance 0;

New line

mp_maxmoney 60000; mp_startmoney 60000; mp_buytime 9999; mp_buy_anywhere 1; mp_restartgame 1;
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I have hardly played this game, but its ok I guess.
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1.9 hrs on record
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last played on May 19
xape May 18 @ 6:51am 
subie gang gang
mabz Apr 23 @ 12:05pm 
mabz Apr 12 @ 9:41am 
Enjoy your weekend :firealone:
nuke ♡ Apr 7 @ 6:22am 
so nice and fun to play with :3
Dhunt05 Mar 28 @ 9:04am 
yooo want to play sometime? played against you and chad earlier in the AM
xape Mar 25 @ 4:19pm 
Very good guy <3 Nissan luv ay :ElizaHeart: