Very little information given.
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Team Fortress 2
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I've killed 96 PVE bots so far!

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Punky aug. 29., 18:38 
added for your warpaint panic attack you were selling
Octovender aug. 15., 13:34 
Does have ban appeals? I was banned falsely in the week following's rollout and when asking why in the discord I was promptly banned from that as well. I feel it has been long enough for it to be reasonable to ask for an unban, thank you for your consideration.
Wolfgang Emanuel aug. 12., 5:51 
I'd like to have a chat with you, mate !
Zeugziumy júl. 24., 19:56 
"Very little information given."
Good one.
mtfj4 júl. 16., 0:52 
Hi, I have one question. How you got NINJA SKINS in Portal 2?