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To be fair, Sword of Asumi had a lot of development problems during its kickstarter campaigns and in the end the developer managed to create a fully functional game for its backers (I've seen far worse from developers on kickstarter).

BUT the endproduct is just not good....

The protagonist is a young woman named Asumi, living in an alternate universe Japan, where she is trained to become a justicar: a group of female samurai/assassins who fight in the shadows against threats to Japan. Asumi gets send to Battle Academy to pose as a student and to find a terrorist named Raven.
You might think "An assassin posing as a student and gathering information during the day and following these leads (interrogating suspicious people, breaking into buildings, etc.) by night" doesn't sound that bad.
But sadly, the second Asumi steps onto campus, the terrorism plotline is shoved into the background and instead you get an extremely boring and shallow slice of life story including horrible romance subplots for about 90% of the game.

Every sentence itself seems ok but reading through the game, the writing just feels awkward and lifeless. Obviously, this also affects all the characters and their interactions which are just as boring and lifeless as the writing and I'm gonna skip the character point.

There is an ok amount of variety in the backgrounds but they lack detail and just feel shallow. The character sprites are decently drawn but the characters posture often looks unnatural and awkward. The most effort however, was clearly put into the CGs. They are nicely drawn and overall just look good.

On a side note:
Why do so many OELVNs have such small character sprites? Half of the background is empty and it always seems like I'm standing about 10 meters away from all the other characters while talking to them. That just feels weird.

Besides maybe one track the OST is pretty generic but it didn't hurt my ears.

There are fragments of what this game could have been (CG art, story premise and even how the promised RPG system could be implemented) but in the end there are just too many major problems with story, characters and writing to be worth your time and money.
Posted December 1, 2015. Last edited December 1, 2015.
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Early Access Review
Interesting take on an isometric puzzle game. Graphics are nice as is the atmosphere of the game. The mood is what really sells this.

The controls for jumping are not as sharp and polished as I would have liked, but also not terrible. It is still in Early Access and it looks like the Developer is listening to feedback, so I believe minor problems like the controls will be solved.

Overall this is worth it, especially for that price (1,99€ right now).
Posted October 9, 2015.
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Everlasting summer is a visual novel from developers Soviet Games aka Erogame Project released in 2013. It is currently available in Russian, English and Spanish.

The story revolves around our protagonist Semyon, in his mid-twenties, who seems to have given up on life. But one day he ventures to the 410th bus and boards it, only to wake up outside a pioneer camp. Now he must find a way out while living a week in the camp.
Most of them time the story feels like the usual slice of life/romance VN but it really shines when the main focus is on Semyon trying to find out why he is at that pioneer camp and how to get back home. The whole story, including the different paths and endings, is at a decent length with about 15-20 hours of playtime.

Writing (English version):
The writing is ok for the most part. There are some typos and grammatical errors but nothing too distracting, also the developers native language is not English so these mistakes can be forgiven.

The characters are likeable and their interactions with each other is quite enjoyable. On the surface all the characters are quite generic stereotypes (energetic, shy, etc.) but they always seem intriguing and that there is more to them.

Is a mixed bag for me. I really like the backgrounds, sprites and overall character design. The problem I have with the art are the CGs. Some of them are just bad, some make the characters look different and just a few of them are really good.

Not much to say here. For me, there are no songs that stand out but on the other hand I wasn't annoyed of any of them either. Most of the time the songs match the scene nicely and that's what is most important.

I'd recommend Everlasting Summer. Besides its flaws there is an intriguing story with likeable characters and a satisfactory ending.

And it's FREE, so why not give it a try?
Posted June 12, 2015. Last edited December 1, 2015.
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