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I am Donkie <3
Mother figure to most.
Insert you've got a friend in me here ____________.

Proud to be a Moderator of /r/RandomActsofTF2

Proud to be a helping hand for Kritzkast.

You can find more info on me here-


Kritzkast is the official, unofficial TF2 podcast, go check us out-

Kritzkast [www.kritzkast.com]

None of my items are for trade, please do not add me just to trade or for no other reason than you like my profile.
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n. A very generous person.
n. One who is actuated by a phi
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+rep, good man
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Have a Happy New Year! Enjoy your holidays
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Epic teammate and a mvm god:cozybethesda:
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Yup! Stay safe out there! :8bitheart: