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Mighty-warrior-champion!   Highland, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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----Character Personality Aside, if I've bothered to write anything----

I like various things, that I am not going to tell here. If you wish to find out, try getting it out of me. That'll be fucking difficult.
I will say, I love Horror. Unlike my friend Sweetie who cannot handle it in the slightest, poor Sweetie. Sweetie. Sweetie. I said Sweetie a lot in this description I just realised about a year later.

--In Memory to those who stood firm against the power of Chaos--
--The Leaders who never lost Hope--
Lord Cassyon the Scarred
King Louen Leoncoeur
Tactical Officer Pardo
Doaceetor of Medicine

And too all of their faithful followers, who stood firm in the gaze of the Ruinous Powers and their followers, who gave their lives so that life could continue, unhindered and safe.
They, who made a stand few others would, shall be remembered as Hero's. No matter their origins.
Let their heroic sacrifice be an example of what Men are capable of, when not only their own lives are at stake, but of all life in the world.

((A small memorial of a TW: Warhammer battle me and Sweetie had. It was one of our most memorable moments in Gaming, for sure.))

My favorite YouTuber would be: 666theheartless666

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Very bird day
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You're better a fighting yourself
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WHAT! Fite me you perfectly shaven little asshole.
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Kindly tell him to drop dead