Oi Fuck off
Basic Description

"Leap, fellow soldiers, unless you wish to betray your eagle to the enemy. I, for my part, will perform my duty to the republic and to my general."- aquilifer of the tenth legion

Age:I can't drink Alchool

Gender:Male although on google I define my gender as :Jeff

Orientation:I'm a homosexual
Also I guess very submissive.



Nationallity:Half Croatian (zagreb) half German (Memel/Rhineland)

Inrests: I used to say I like history but I feel like the better term is social studies because it includes into its sphere history,culture,and politics etc.
If you give me a time period probally German unification to the cold war but I am probally better with ancient history.Area wise I am best with europe but most inrested in meso-america.

Drinks:I love me some Doctor Pepper although I do drink water sometimes if I feel like I have had too much Dr.Pepper.

Food:Generally what I can put in the microwave for less than 7 minutes
Although I have no problem if I ever need to cook.

Politics:Italian Fascist (I am not a roman larper)
Fascism is not an ideology of hate but it is actually pretty great especially its economic system which I adore and it is generally nationalistic but it doesn't view any races as inferior.

Games:Ah generally only strategy real time all that.(That doesn't mean CIV which is in my opinion Tarssshhh) HOI4 a little EU4 all that meme.I do enjoy some games not in that genere thoufh like day of infamy to say.



" Nipton was a wicked place,debased and corrupt.It served all comers,so long as they paid "-Vulpes Inculta

" Let's kill these hotdogs! "-A man who went by the name "the Radio Nazi" in day of infamy

" I am not scared of an army of lions led by a sheep,but I am scared of an army of sheep led by a lion "-Alexander the third of Macedon

" Happy the poor! Clean of prejudices and prejudices, of feelings and interests! Blessed are those who can not say 'I have'. Because they may say, 'I see "-Plínio Salgado

" No I don't fag face. I didn't fuck the cheeky little bugger. I just thought about doing it but the rabbit was male, and that would just be gay to fuck it, retarded cunk. "-Random guy on youtube

" One day my spirit will rise from the grave and the world will know that I was right. "-Adolf Hitler
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