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Welcome. Welcome to City 17.

You have chosen, or been chosen, to relocate to one of our finest remaining urban centers. I thought so much of City 17 that I elected to establish my Administration here, in the Citadel so thoughtfully provided by Our Benefactors. I have been proud to call City 17 my home. And so, whether you are here to stay, or passing through on your way to parts unknown, welcome to City 17. It's safer here.
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Stop whining and get used to it.
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better than overwatch
976.1 Sep 18 @ 11:16am 
You're an edgelord and pedo don't talk to me or my brother ever again
Hentai Connoisseur Sep 18 @ 12:03am 
Nasal voice ew
976.1 Sep 15 @ 4:42pm 
never talk to me or my nephew ever again weirdo
KoyoteMoone Sep 14 @ 11:04pm 
Leaves mid MvM match because I wouldn't move my sentry where he wanted it. We never lost a Wave, including the one he and his friend bailed on, says a lot
jeeshified.ttv Sep 11 @ 10:50pm 
man this profile is nothing but salt +rep he do be funny
976.1 Sep 5 @ 4:48pm