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Fuck i Forgot   Israel
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🔴About Me🔴

⚪✡Im from israel✡
⚪I only know hebraw , english , russian
⚪My Name is Natan,Nathan,Nathen
⚪Im 14 Years old

🔴Games I Play🔴
⚪Team fortress 2 :medicon: (i main scunt and pyro)
⚪Stardew Vally :stardrop:
⚪Im planning to buy some more games like gmod

🔴Add me if u want but🔴

⚪if ur a tf2 trader i have somethings i want to sell and buy send a trade request if your interested

⚪buying all class taunts and hats,Backpack expenders and decal tools
⚪Buying Steam cards for 1 scrap and steam emotes

⚪Donate If u want

🔴Some Stuff For Da Future🔴
__________________________My Emotes__________________________

_______________________Emotes To Decorate______________________
⚫️ ⚪️ 🔴 🔵 🔷✅❗️ ✔️⛔️💬💻📱⌚️🔪💎☠️🌀
No Aim, No Brain must be a Pyro main
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Aerosion 10 hours ago 
I want to add you for SFM posters.
Bandana Dee May 24 @ 8:08pm 
Tell me about it
Boofny May 24 @ 4:29am 
i can just say this:
┃  ● ══  █ ┃
┃█ ur adopted. █┃
┃█ -Mom&Dad █┃
┃   ○    ┃
dude your spamming me and your even on my friend list i could delete your commend but if its false why would i