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Lust Theory Season 2
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- Yes, I play NSFW games on my main account, so what?
- Fun game! Only problem was playing with one hand...
- Are you winning son?
- If your a sick pervert like me you will enjoy it.
- Mom, I can explain, I swear.
- I saw. I came. I refunded.
- Steam Status: Invisible.
- Enjoyed the plot.
- Best game to play with your girlfriend next to you.
- Easy 10 seconds speedrun.
- Best game to play with your sister next to you.
- Nobody reads reviews for sure so i'll say i'm gay.
- Came for porn. Stayed for porn.
- Your friends and family can see this on your steam library.
- Unrealistic. The girls don't run away from me.
- How do I hide this from my played?
- Finished in 5 minutes. And I'm not talking about the game.
- *Bonk* Go to horny jail.
- Remember to lock your room before you play this.
- I don't wanna be horny anymore. I just wanna be happy.

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Created by - N1k!$h
Some of them will be available only after morning, when you hear rooster. The rest can be started only in the end of the game

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