Demon Wolfie
aka Wolfie The Wise   Quebec, Canada
The titles i've been given throughout the games since 2017 (Dates are written as DD/MM/YY):

- The Dragonslayer 1/02/17 (for having slain countless dragons including: Alduin (Skyrim), Vovin The Destroyer (Darksiders I), Frostbane (Darksiders II), The Ancient Dragons of Destruction (Borderlands 2), Singe after cutting off his tail (Remnant: From the Ashes))

- The Demonslayer 14/06/17 (Shadow Warrior 1 and 2 on Hardest difficulty)

- The Loyal 24/09/17 (Never allowing the Koreans stay on your Homefront)

- The Wise 05/11/17 (Magicka.. Nuff' said)

- The Marksman 26/12/17 (for finding and shooting every Bottle of Blood in ZAT in my first playthrough)

- The Godslayer 27/12/17 (for slaying God in many forms: Zeus x2 (God of War, Apotheon), Radiance (Hollow Knight), Innocence (Path of Exile), Elohim (Hebrew for 'God' in the Hebrew Bible (Talos Principle), The Sisters (Outland))

- The Olympian 28/12/17 (Apotheon, became the one true god by stripping the other gods of their powers, they all lost to a single mortal)

- The Independant 29/12/17 (Ascension Ending in The Talos Principle)

- The Purple-Hearted War Hero 28/01/18 (No Moonblood left behind! in Dust: An Elysian Tale)

- The Conqueror of Fiends 16/03/18 (Completed all Solo Challenges under 3 minutes on Insane Mode in Knight Squad without practicing on Easy Mode)

- The Master Cleaner 19/04/18 (Answered 2 pagers and cleaned up 2 bodies in front of a camera solo in Payday 2)

- The Red Panther Thief 19/04/18 (Completed Diamond Heist on Death Sentence+One Down Stealth with all Sapphires+Blood Diamond without killin/dominating anyone or taking down cams)

- The Ghoulkeeper 12/05/18 (Defeated Achidna and Basileus in the same fight FLAWLESSLY in Darksiders 2 on DEATHINITIVE difficulty)

- The Nightmare Hunter 13/05/18 (Defeated Achidna, Beithir, Gorewood and Argus, The Deposed King without using Reaper Form once in Darksiders 2 on Deathinitive difficulty)

- The One True Soul Saviour 14/05/18 (Conquered every trial in the Soul Arbiter's Maze and gave the Soul Arbiter his demise without dying once or using Reaper Form and potions)

- The Lone Celtic Blooded Warrior 19/07/18 (in TF2 on Steel and Mossrock, capped the last control point solo against the entire red team, dying a few times but coming back to finish the job)

- The Ghost 26/07/18 (in TF2 on Dustbowl (Stage 1, 2nd Control Point), snuck past 4 lv3 sentries as a Pyro from one compromised corner to the safer corner of the CP, and capping the point without anyone noticing)

- The Splinter Cell 31/07/18 (In TF2 on 2Fort, perform a full intel run from BLU's intel room to RED's intel room, sneaking past all sentries as pyro and not dying once)

- The Archangel 05/09/18 (In the Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna, saved everyone, even Admin, by sacrificing myself for 18 people to /transcend)

- The Efficient Killer 09/09/18 (In HITMAN, completed The Kerner Disquiet Stage 5 with 2:30 on the clock, The Granville Curiosity Stage 4 with 3:01 on the clock and Stage 5 with 2:59 on the clock, The Marsden Isotopy with 3:09 on the clock)

- The Getaway Artist (completed The Gemini Fiasco Stage 5 whilst kiting every bullet until reaching the gate (Nearest Exit))

- The Minesweeper (completed The Adamoli Fiasco, The Gladwyn Simulacrum without ever setting off a mine)

- The Survivor (completed Subnautica on Hardcore [08/10/18] and The Forest [17/10/18])

- The Samurai 18/10/18 (killed 2 pairs of 2 cave cannibals with only a crafted axe and a sliver of Health & killed Megan taking no dmg with the katana and bow)

- The Revenant 23/10/18 (In TF2, defended 3 control points after death)

- The Bearer of Pain 23/02/19 (completed the Path of Pain)

- The Ultimate Horseman [09/02/18], [02/07/18], [] DATE ACQUIRED TBD (Darksiders I on Apocalyptic, II on Deathinitive and III respectively + Killing the Final Bosses without taking a single hit)
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Gender: Male
Age: 21
Specialization: unprofessional C#/C++ programmer (with experience in Python, OpenGL and HTML5(CSS included)), Herbalism (Self-teaching)
RP: Yes
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Discord: Demon Wolfie # 0205
Curse: DestronneTheSentinel
Origin: Destronne
UPlay: Destronne
Ɖℯℳℴƞ Ϣℴlƒiℯ: lel i was having a wonderful tea party with Satan x3
McBaconPancakes: nooope, F the forest..
Ɖℯℳℴƞ Ϣℴlƒiℯ: Yes, youre right
Ɖℯℳℴƞ Ϣℴlƒiℯ: F is for Forest
Ɖℯℳℴƞ Ϣℴlƒiℯ: :P
McBaconPancakes: Lul, hush you
Ɖℯℳℴƞ Ϣℴlƒiℯ: dont shush me
McBaconPancakes: Yes shush you
Ɖℯℳℴƞ Ϣℴlƒiℯ: But wai?
McBaconPancakes: because you crazy
UncleReagan: Sh33pB0i: you take the moon
Your old pal Rappy: and then you take the sun.
Demon Wolfie: and you make a Time Hybrid
UncleReagan: Sh33pB0i: you take everything that seems like fun takes everything, imploding the universe
Demon Wolfie: excellent
Your old pal Rappy: PickleBreon + Hotsauce = Whatever you make out of it.
Demon Wolfie: Pickle Sauce... lots and lots of pickles sauce
Your old pal Rappy: Why do I feel when you say "Pickle Sauce" that you are talking about something else?(edited)
Demon Wolfie: well, what do you have in mind
Your old pal Rappy: Semen
Demon Wolfie: yep thats exactly what i was talking about! BACK TO BEING LEWD, BABY
Your old pal Rappy: With who exactly?
Demon Wolfie: Myself
Your old pal Rappy: Okie.
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