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* [S|Baron I] unnamed : they're all theorizing about your dog
[S|Jester III] Thane : fun
[S|Jester III] Thane : hes a dumbass
* [S|Baron I] unnamed : facts.
* [S|Baron I] unnamed : are you talking about your dog or coolant
[S|Jester III] Thane : both

[S|Baron I] unnamed : I can't ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ play with bonzi going ape and making monkey sounds

CaWU : when mythic comes back tell him he is a moron
CaWU disconnected. Reason: Disconnect by user.

Thane — 今日 18:37
Oh god the 5 years olds who pay $25 dollars for ads
If I see any more abby Shapiro ads saying she’s “coming out” as conservative I’m gonna make a ♥♥♥ tribute

Hass is joining the server.
* [S|Earl III] maxxy : oh no

* [S|Baron II] Bonzi : analmente
* [D|Sir II] vi -rng : fnaf
* [S|Plebeian IV] number 1 teardrop hater : bonzi stream fnaf in vc rn
* [S|Baron II] Bonzi : ok
Bonzi disconnected.

US07 mop v7.148-rng, Ph.D. Candidate: waldo i have beef
FR03 pink bappo: sounds normal
US10 Waldo: im in jail call back later
FR03 pink bappo: your map is jail
US10 Waldo: noob?
FR03 pink bappo: the textures are jail mate
US10 Waldo: sorry you have low tier eyes
US07 mop v7.148-rng, Ph.D. Candidate: your map is damaging my eyes im going to sue
US10 Waldo: no warranty!
FR03 pink bappo: dont need warranty
US06 amogus haHAA: this product is provided AS-IS
US07 Exile: the product is not as described

* [S|Archduke] juup -rng : sheesh
[D|Peasant III] sheesh -rng : sheesh
[S|Baron IV] Cygnus -rng : sheesh
[S|Jester II] Finn : sheesh
[O|Baron V] vi -rng : sheesh
[D|Jester V] bluff : sheesh

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