Mystery Unknown One
....   Canada
Credits to Ze German for doing the sfm art/avatar.

Online: Im Online, you can talk.
In-Game: I may answer sometimes
Away: Dont talk to me plz
Busy: Same for the away
Looking To Play: May waiting for a huge update or wait for the game finish his download
Looking To Trade: (Rare) Like it says, im not a trader.
Offline: You can send me message, i will answer later.
Snooze: Well, is recommended to dont talk to me but if it important, send the message.

Currently Offline
Last Online 4 hrs, 30 mins ago
My World Right Now
Im actually a mvm addict...
Mostly on mvm than any kind of valve gamemodes.
Im actually planning on 5 missions right now.
Im not an advanced mvm missions maker, im actually a normal that is not that bad.

Where i post my missions.

In the past, i did post mvm missions for AoDRP MvM Server.
But right now is for Sigsegv's servers.

I will do a small list of my active missions in Sigsegv's servers

Corrupted World (ghost town)
Survival 101 (ghost town)
Meanwhile In Bigrock (bigrock that include nerf version)
Special Bigrock Invasion (bigrock and that include the hard mode and bots mode)
1500$ Mission (Old Scrapped Mission Created in 2016 but posted in 2018 in bigrock)

What kind of missions you do...

First of all, im mostly doing advanced difficulty missions but my planning missions will be on Normal-Advanced

Im also doing sigmod or sigonly missions.
The missions that have that kind of stuff will only work if you have the sigsegv's mod extension in a linux dedicated server. In a windows it will not works properly...

Currently Planning...

??? (Is for ghost town and it will have 3 kind of parts)
First part: Normal Difficulty (completed)
Second: Intermediate
Third: Advanced

Skull 151 (Bigrock Event but idk if the name will be official)

HellOnTown (It may be the HELL Version of "???")

They are all sigmod missions
I may do a non-sigmod version of hellontown

About TF2

I am a "war" main so im mostly on demo,soldier and heavy
My Sniper,Spy,Medic and Scout skills are shit...
Engineer and Pyro: Moderate.

This info box will be updated soon...

TheYammi Aug 5 @ 7:20am 
+rep cool dude. kek
Caboo/Foxy Aug 3 @ 4:50pm 
can i have admin in the x150 server?
Mystery Unknown One Jul 30 @ 6:32am 
1 Day until i get my pc and re-starting creating/editing mvm missions
what a nerd gamer Jul 14 @ 7:06pm 
you lived to tell the story bro
Mystery Unknown One Jul 14 @ 6:12pm 
Getting Hacked is just a nightmare.
❤ Senpai~ ❤ Jul 12 @ 3:40pm