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Hey, I'm Gideon. If you've met me on VRC then you'll know me as MyDude.
Please leave a comment down on my profile if you would like to add me. I prefer not adding people if I don't know who they are. Please leave a comment about what you want to talk about, or why.
I'm currently a model maker for Garry's Mod. I primarily work on server content, however I will no longer stay as a permanent community model maker. I will take commissions from anyone that are willing to pay. This is partially why I prefer to add people if they have business with me. I do not plan on making models for Garry's Mod forever however, because I want to eventually learn even more with unity and the next generation of engines. I plan on making a career out of this, and staying on the source engine all the time is going to hinder my expansion.
Starting (1/1/19):
[s]I will be open for commissions.[/s] I am mainly interested in taking commissions for CGI Clone trooper models that use my base but I'm open for suggestions. Here's a summary of the skills I have picked up in the past year:
- Weightpainting
- Texture work on a professional program such as substance painter
- Creating mesh from scratch
- Using bump maps
STARTING (1/28/19):
I am announcing that I am going to not take anymore commissions than the one I currently have or plan on working on. I will be moving away from gmod models.
[GG] Part Alien Sep 30 @ 5:14pm 
Do you have an Unassigned (Shiny) Pack?
Nox Sep 22 @ 1:07pm 
Hey, I'm interested in getting into making/retexturing models, and I've never done it before but I want to start with an ARF trooper reskin. Do you have a base ARF trooper model that I can use for retexturing?
Ruger Aug 30 @ 8:47pm 
Need to PM you about some models not making them but possibily adding two to a certain pack you own.
MyDudeGideon Aug 17 @ 1:50am 
To anyone who comes to my profile to ask about the assets:
Anything that is in the SR content pack (Mainly textures) is not allowed to be reused. If you're talking the blank templates, or bases, you are allowed to edit and create your own textures with them. It's completely fine if it's for a commission as long as you don't pick one that's already painted.
Gecko Aug 15 @ 12:02pm 
Adding to use your base to edit models.
BRYZORD Jul 28 @ 11:14am 
Hi, i'm currently looking for someone to model my character from Dayz to Source to be able to use in Source Filmmaker and a friend of mine by the name of InsaneBeatzC known through steam as Clank (Ryan) sent me your name. I'm willing to pay for the model work and configuration required, just let me know when you are available. Thank you.