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My Name is Sage. :smileymud: I am 17 years old with Asperges and i Adore playing Games on Steam while chatting with Friends. Im usually on Steam every day of the Week at some Point and i Am usually playing on It, Relaxing, Talking to people Or some Cases i will be Offline due to Sleep, School, My Job (Soon), Playing on my Xbox One or the Internet has decided to Crash. :angrymud:

If you wish to Add me only do so If :abethink:

A: You do not have a Private Profile; Im really sick of Scammers or Bots going ''HURR DURR KLICK DIS LINKE PLZ" So if your Profile is Private its an Instant Deny. :steamsalty:

B: You are Level 5 or Higher; I don't want to add anyone below this Level as they are Usually Scammers from my Experience. Level 5 or Higher or ill Deny. :hmmmmm:

C: You must not have any Vac Bans, I don't give a shit if it was because of you Hacking in Counter Strike or if its a Trade Ban because "Oh i didn't know.." Any Vac Bans whatsoever and its also a Deny. :glukkon:

D: You will Actually Talk, If you don't speak to me after a Week ill Defriend you. Go Add someone else with a High Level on their Profile if you want to feel Good about Yourself. :DSTpoop:

E: You aren't a Jackass constantly/highly insulting. A Joke is a Joke but i have a Tolerance Limit. If your not Joking/Going overboard i will Warn you. Respect me and ill Respect you. Otherwise take a Hike. :demoticon:


About Me :abesticker:

Least Favourite Type of Games to play: I do not like Top Down games with minimal Exceptions (Don't Starve, halo wars..) I hate SOME Military shooter games (Pubg, Arma 3..) and i Despise Romance/Horror games unless done Right. :toriel:

Favourite Types of Games to play: FPS's, Sandbox, RPG's and Sci Fi. Some examples Include Fortnite, Halo Series (Except 2 as its Bad) and Garry's Mod, I also Love Platformer/Challenging Games like The Oddworld Series, Portal and Others. :owilogo: :gmod: :toriel:

Why play Xbox and PC You "Peasant": Because i Can, Lick my Ass. :flowey:

Other Skills: I Consider myself Decent at Photoshop and Great at Photography, Gaming and Socializing are my True Strengths however. I Strive to be the Best Person i can and the Nicest Despite my Asperges and Strange Nature. :abesticker:

Favourite Foods: Anything that Isn't Fish or Mushrooms. Hate Brussel Sprouts as well (People kept Asking me sooo there you go Christ) :DSTpoop:

Favourite Movies to Watch: Star Wars, Alien Franchise (Except Resurrection and Prometheus), Indianna Jones, Harry Potter and I even have a Soft Spot for the Tomb Raider movie from the 2000's and Also i love the MCU. :munchsticker:

Least Favourite Movies to Watch: Chick Flicks, Romance, Transformers and how can i Forget Superman IV and Above.. :deadmud:

TV Shows: Amazing World of Gumball, We Bare Bears, Gordon Ramsay and Documentaries. :healer:

Birthday: October the 29th. :balloon: :ghlol: :balloon:

Favourite Animals: Lizards, Birds, Cats, Dogs and Most Marine Sea Life. I also freaking love Bears, Especially Polar Bears. :dssmallbird: :dshound:


I D O N O T T R A D E A T A L L O K T H A N K Y O U V E R Y M U C H M A T E :dsham:


Other Places to Add/Find Me: :dssmallbird:

Fortnite Name: SagieBoi :abesticker:

Origin: SagieBoi :munchsticker:

Xbox One: FrankIsKickass :angrymud:

Clash Royale: SagehBoy (Ask me for a Link and ill Send you a Friend Invite) :smileymud:


Irrelevant/Unimportant Information: :demoticon:

Favourite Youtubers: :2016trophy:

ZaCCoxTV :2016trophy:
CallMeKevin :2016trophy:
SovietWomble :2016trophy:
FrankieOnPCIn1080p :2016trophy:
John Wolfe :2016trophy:
MegaBeast :2016trophy:
SomeOrdinaryGamers :2016trophy:
HaVoC Gaming Clash Royale and Clash of Clans :2016trophy:
thatdenverguy :2016trophy:
TheAngryGrandpaShow :2016trophy:
Cinema Sins :2016trophy:
TheSmithPlays :2016trophy:
PewDiePie :2016trophy:

Least Favourite Youtubers: :DSTpoop:

Markiplier :DSTpoop:
Sernandoe :DSTpoop:
Keemstar :DSTpoop:
Muselk :DSTpoop:
Ali-a :DSTpoop:


My 20 Favourite Games of ALL Time!

20: Afraid of Monsters
19: Mass Effect 1
18: Garry's Mod.
17: Oddworld Munch's Oddysee.
16: Cry of Fear
15: Crash Twinsanity.
14: Grabbed By The Ghoulies.
13: Overlord 1
12: Halo Wars.
11: Tomb Raider Legend.
10: Splinter Cell.
9: Deus Ex.
8: Grand Theft Auto IV.
7: Dead Rising.
6: Fortnite.
5: The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion.
4: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Xbox Version).
3: Oddworld Abe's Oddysee.
2: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.
1: Halo: Combat Evolved.

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Great person nice to speak to, makes great reveiws I would recommend being friends with this kind person!
Thanks for the free stuff babe xxox
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+RecentRep Nice updated profile :GDEasy:

(Let me explain what a recent rep is, now this, this is a special + Reputation for people that I think deserve to have it another time, because I haven't repped in a while :), you deserve this!)

(And to anyone else thats friends with me, I'll eventually add this to your profile to if you wish)
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