Slava K.   Torun, Torun, Poland
Just don't be a :Uranium:toxic:Uranium: player, and you'll be fine, bro.

if u real slav u listen this evryday -
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Some info here. (NOT up-to-date)
:tq_gorgon:Some of my personal Info:tq_gorgon:
:Diplomat:Name: Slava
:SocialPolicy:Age: 20, was born in Spring '97
:CapitalDome:From: Kyiv, Ukraine
:wwconsulate:Currently in: Torun, Poland (studying here)
:Citadel:Things I like to do: Play Games, Hang out with friends IRL, Listen to the Music
:wwsojourn: My music library by 06 July 2017 []
:sphere:Languages I can speak: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Polish.

:diwrench:My setup:diwrench:
:house:CPU:Intel Core i3-4360 @3.60GHz
:government:Video: Nvidia GeForce GTX 770
:world:RAM: Kingston ValueRAM DDR3 1600MHz 16GB Kit 2x*GB
:check:Controllers&other shit: mouse Trust GXT 25, keyboard Logitech K350, webcam Logitech HD Webcam C270 for its microphone, Logitech X-230 speaker system, headphones AKG K512.
:dollars:This runs all shit I need or I play on nice graphic settings with decent FPS (starting from 60 on games with fps limit, going up to 120-200 with decent graphic settings in other games)

:stress:Some other info:stress:
:diwrench:Resigned Admin of best and biggest EU jailbreak server you'll ever find.
:Gems: CLWO []:Gems:-> connect
:diwrench:Also, resigned Moderator on best and biggest TTT server you'll ever find :P -> connect
:2:My second Steam account: *click*
:highrise:Games I play which are not on Steam: Hearthstone, WoT.
:trolley: Games I also own, but haven't played for months (or years): Minecraft, Stracraft 2.
:Shields:Don't ask me to give you something for free. You'll be blocked:tq_lich:.
:deadweight:If you like my profile description structure, feel free to use it, but first hit me on Steam about it :)
:terraria: I like achievements and I'm trying to get them while playing the games. Achievement hunting is love, achievement hunting is life.
:tq_hero:My Steam level is assembled only from the badges of games I own, and preferably good ones. No shit badges only to get levels. At least for now.:whiteward:
:riften:Same with emoticons/profile backgrounds. After I get lvl 5 badge, I get ALL missing emoticons and some of profile backgrounds that I like, so I'd say I've got pretty cool and beautiful collection of profile backgrounds.:demoneye:
:damiensamulet:Here's my emoticon collection, by the way: :chirp::hardhat::highlvl::highrise::secrectorder::csgoa::csgoanarchist::csgob::csgocross::csgoct::csgoglobe::csgogun::csgohelmet::csgoskull::csgostar::csgox::blight::stress::yawp::diaxe::dipaddle::diwrench::dizombie::infected::island::palmtree::screamer::walker::thehook::theskull::thetrap::whiteward::spaceduck::spacemonster::sphere::spy::trolley::dirtwall::gnomehead::gnomoria::goblinhead::legendarysword::appleofevolution::damiensamulet::demonsheep::rubberduckhs::stickmansteve::theshrunkenhead::theviking::vikinghs::Crowned::Currency::Keys::Rings::Shields::2::A::P::TheD::Y::chains::dallas::hoxton::overkill::wolf::ExtraLifePickup::icebeam::rapidFire::repairWrench::CapitalDome::Citadel::Diplomat::Gems::SocialPolicy::Uranium::demoneye::dirtblock::greenslime::terraria::zombiehead::falkwreath::markarth::riften::solitude::whiterun::2016gameingame::2016imnotcrying::2016trophy::2016villain::2016whoadude::tq_cory::tq_gorgon::tq_hero::tq_hpot::tq_lich::tq_mpot::tq_spell::tq_sword::tq_trap::tq_wolf::check::dollars::government::house::world:(you can keep your cursor here so it don't block anything)

:overkill:Some links:overkill:
:Currency: My Steam account value []
:imrich: My wishlist value (06 July 2017) []
:tq_wolf: Time spent playing games on Steam [] - I'd say add 600-1000 hours on blizzard games, and that's will be my playtime in all games. Well, and around 2k hours on pirated games, before I started to buy games.
:tq_spell: My friendlist sorted by the amount of time I've been friends with them []

:thetrap:Click any name down here, to visit profiles of cool people:thetrap:
:spy:Oh, look, spoiler -> They're actually retards:appleofevolution:
Phire , Epic , xileF , Dragoon , TheDilShawn
:spy:Oh, and here -> My fav retards, Keppo <3 :D

:yawp:[BONUS] Some other (maybe) intresting things:yawp:
:2017stickypopsicle: Steam Summer Sale 2017 for my wallet []
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Dog Flower Jul 7 @ 4:27pm 
Thank you for the tip regarding a mod installation in Darkest Dungeon. Now I can enjoy my weebest dungeon while throwing away more of whats left of my dwindling dignity. Have a good day!
Soep the Danger Noodle Jun 4 @ 1:32pm 
For mother russia, :* Vodker
Pepe May 10 @ 5:13am 
Say no homo
Epic May 9 @ 9:52am 
ruski ♥♥♥♥♥ <3
Epic Apr 29 @ 3:48pm 
I miss ma russian ♥♥♥♥♥
SPAGH Feb 15 @ 11:22am