Welsh EDM DJ-Producer   Newport, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Dear people across the internet who love to befriend everyone:
- If you have a reason to add me, it'd be kind of you to share it at first. Otherwise, your request won't be noticed, I don't check them at all anymore.

- All message notifications on my account are muted in order to not cause any distraction from my project. So if I'm not answering to your messages, it simply means that I'm busy.
- I'm not a positive person, neither depressive. I'm just very focused and strict, calm and silent. I do have my fair reasons, everybody does.
- I do not appreciate swearing, especially on purpose. If you can't watch your mouth and swear too often, it's better for us to not communicate.
- I believe people completely forgot how to talk to each other with some basic manners. Having a conversation without swearing nowadays is gold.
- Notice that I'm not gonna tolerate rudeness or any kind of offensive behaviour towards me and people I care about.
- If neither of us is interested in communication being in each other's friendlist, then I'll simply remove you. Otherwise, it's a clear way to friend collection in which I don't find any sense at all.
- I show my light side of character only to those who deserve it in my eyes, all the rest don't need it, because they don't care - that's a simple cold hard fact.
- No matter how good you actually are or how much you pretend to be, I'll try to keep my distance from people as far as possible. Trust is what everybody earns, it's not a gift.
- I'm not and I won't be the one that some people might expect me to be, I always stay myself. If I don't fit somebody's expectations - this isn't my problem by all means.
- There's a huge difference between people who think high of themselves and those who just aren't careless. I care about something more than just myself, so won't ever follow the majority.
- If you're toxic, aggressive and hostile person who makes problems just for the sake of making them, then most likely you'll end up joining this place "The Graveyard of the Faded Souls"
- For people who're hostile in general towards those they don't even know:
There's always a "BLOCK" button that solves any kind of issues between people if they simply don't like each other for whatever reason. So there's no sense to make a war, you can simply push the "BLOCK" button and move on - works much better than anything else, just use it from time to time.

- If you don't like something above, well... It's okay, everyone has different opinions. But then it's probably better if you kindly close my profile and leave me alone as there's no sense to communicate.
- Oh, one more thing that the majority absolutely doesn't understand somewhy: "To be careless and to be cold - Is not the same".

:em_boom: Remember, please :em_boom: - it is your choice to ignore all the written above or not, so blame yourself if you wish. Make sure you realise that, thank you.

My personal credo:
- Reject everything that is useless.
- Learn only what is useful.
- Do only what is helpful.
- Fight for things that can improve you.
- Study and research to evolve.
- Admit your mistakes.
- Accept every fail and move on.
- Don't stop, no matter what.

:666: (©)Frozen Heart. :666:

“German and Spanish are accessible to foreigners: English is not accessible even to Englishmen.” (George Bernard Shaw, Pygmalion).
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This Predator protects my profile from the worst of humankind. It never hunts down the good ones, but let's not be too naive.
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7S Bass Music - Groupe public
Official group of the "7Sins" project focused on creating, mixing and promoting Electronic Dance Music.
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:Emptyness: - Steam Direct Profile Link
:energyball: - Steam Ladder [steamladder.com]
:TakeMe: - PSN Public ID (Will be added later, probably).
:IlluminatiGlitch: - I don't have any alternative Steam accounts or anything else that isn't shared here.
:WhatGlitch: - Everything else isn't public and used for communication with the closest ones in my life.

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- The project created by a group of individuals who share a lot of musical tastes and views about the industry.
The main idea is to familiarise people with a huge list of different genres of EDM and Bass Music, to promote more and more subgenres, bringing them to casual and non-casual listeners.
We perform our "DJing" and "Resampling" skills through the mixes of very different kind.
With the time we'll produce our own tracks as well, right now we study to get the precious knowledge.

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- Oh, hi Mark!
- Oh, wait a second...

Anyways, hello there ladies and gentlemen!
I'm Frozen Heart(the former stage name is Misery). Of course not the real one, it's my stage name in music industry and games.
I was born on March 12 of the 2000 year, so yes, still just another immature teen of millennials generation. At least that's the stereotype the majority used to believe in.
I carry a Welsh/Italian blood mix that flows through my veins.
I'm a self-education dedicated nerdy type of artists. I'm highly active in both mental and physical aspects, and up to lots of different activities I evolve through, what actually makes me feel alive.
Some of my hobbies are pretty typical, some of them probably might sound unusual:
I'm quite an experienced musician with years of playing different instruments behind my back:
- Piano for 13 years, Violin for 9 years, Guitar for 4 years, Drums for 2 years.
- I'm also a DJ-Producer, mainly dedicated to the Dark Side of Electronic Dance Music.
I love to do sports and extreme sports:
- Workout, Running, Stretching.
- Acrobatics, Rollerblading, Snowboarding.
I also dance in different funky styles:
- Hip-Hop, Krump, House, MJ-Style, Popping, Waving and even Break-Dance(Top-Rock mostly).
I practice in Chinese martial arts:
- Traditional Wushu Taolu.
- Tai-Chi techniques.
I study medicine at a university and I have chosen to become a pathologist.
What a weird choice of profession you may wonder? Well...
- Morgue is the only place where I can trust people. It's peaceful, silent, calm.
I'm a casual gamer in most of the games, though I can play RTS and RPG pretty good.
I'm quite a decent player at MOBA games. Surely very good at MMORPGs but bad at FPS though.
My favourite games:
- Star Wars: The Old Republic(MMORPG).
- Dota 2 - Oh yes, I know how toxic its community is(very-very well), but the game itself is still great.
Also: Alien: Isolation, Life is Strange, Devil May Cry, Dark Souls, Dead Space, TES5: Skyrim.
PlayStation 4:
- The Last of Us, Infamous, Crash Bandicoot, Bloodborne(though I've completed only 2 bosses in this game, I still find it very interesting, just too hard for me right now).

Now I don't really have much time to play anymore due to so many activities in my life.
Basically, I play Dota 2 and some single-player games.
Sometimes it's possible to catch me in Star Wars: The Old Republic, but it's an MMO, so it consumes a lot of time, hence I barely happen to appear there these days.
Though, I'm open to new suggestions in games and gaming in general when I have some free time and suitable mood for that.
Voice-Chat: I do use it, but mostly in Dota 2 ranked matches where sometimes it's just necessary.

:PlayMusic: Favourite Music:
Drum'n'Bass: Neurofunk, Techstep, Darkstep, Jump-up, Jungle, Liquid Funk, Technoid.
Dubstep: Hardstep, Deathstep, Robostep, Neurostep, Glitchstep, Dubchestral, Chillstep, Classic G.
Ambient: Dark Ambient, Drone, Psybient, Space Ambient.
House: Complextro, Electro House, Progressive House, Fidget House.
Hardcore: Frenchcore, Terrorcore, Uptempo, Crossbreed.
Rock: Nu-Metal, Industrial Metal, Death Metal, Classic.
Funk: Hip-Hop, Hardcore Hip-Hop, Breakbeat, Funky Soul House.
Other music: Instrumental Classics, Choir, Dark Choir, Orchestral, Dark Orchestral, Experimental.

:emofdr:Favourite movies and series:
:hpulse: Horrors: Evil Dead, Dead Silence, The Babadook, Jeepers Creepers, Dawn of the Dead and dozens of other movies.
:hpulse: Sci-Fi: Star Wars, Star Trek, Aliens, Predators, AvP, Marvel, DC.

:hpulse: Series: Peaky Blinders, Gotham, Daredevil, Lucifer, Hannibal, Dexter, Breaking Bad, 24, House of Cards, My name is Earl, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Supernatural, American Horror Story, Sherlock, Everybody hates Chris, Scrubs, Doctor House, The Big Bang Theory, The Sopranos, Black Books, Boardwalk Empire, Lie to Me, The Twilight Zone, Mad Men, The Following, Criminal Minds, Siti Hyunteo, The Fall, Making a Murderer, Black Mirror, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, Fear Itself, Legion.
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I and the public know,
What all schoolchildren learn:
Those to whom evil is done,
- They do evil in return.

Some thoughts:

You can always find something positive in every negative situation and on the contrary - It's only a matter of your feelings and choices. You don't choose what to feel, but you choose how to react on things around.
And then, there comes the real freedom with the understanding of how much you're capable of with your choices. When you realise that nothing else matters but to be yourself, express your inner world and make choices you find right for people you care about, for thyself. Then you stop to waste your time on things that can't bring you what you desire - and after all, you find yourself less and less limited.
With the time, you learn to enjoy yourself, your life and accept your ups and downs as some points of self-construction. You learn how to get both positive and negative experience and turn it from your weaknesses to a pure strength.
But you have to remember one thing - there will always be people who envy and hate you, just because they have a different opinion from yours, as well as there always will be people who like you.

There are only 2 sides:
- First, is where people simply share your views.
- Second, is where they don't.

From both sides, you gain the experience you can use to make yourself a better person. And you should never ever take the responsibility for somebody's hate or love, you're responsible only for your own actions and words. Nobody ows you a thing, same as you owe people nothing.
And before pretending to care about somebody else - you must learn to care about yourself.

- Frozen Heart(©).

The answer to what real pain is: "ID & ID feat. ID - ID (ID Remix) ID Records, release date - ID".
████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good track!

Birthday target - https://www.electricviolinshop.com/bridge-aquila-red-marble.html

Something about my favourite game on Steam which's Dota 2:
- The key attitude to at least enjoying this game, not even saying about winning matches:
1) Take full responsibility for your mistakes.
2) Don't get into arguments.
3) Use short sentences with a straight point of what you're willing to say.
4) Don't act passively-aggressive.
5) Don't mentally attack, threat or humiliate your teammates for wrong decisions.
6) Appreciate the help and efforts the others do.
7) Let people learn.
8) Help people to learn.
9) Praise your teammates for good moves and well-made decisions.
10) Stay polite and calm no matter what.

:headcrab: Lovely Pets:
Ravens and Crows(Corvus Corax), Lizards(Sea Iguana, Basilisk and Comodo), Snakes, Spiders, Wild Cats, Wolves, Headcrabs, Xenomorphs, Necromorphs, Lu.

:graveyard: December 6, 2016:

K. S. McShy
E. F. McShy
E. E-J. Raven
D. A. Frost Jr.
O. Silvestri
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First of all, I want to warn all fans of the original "Devil May Cry" franchise:
This is not a "Remaster", this is a complete "Remake" of the DMC franchise - so, do not try to lower its rating only because it doesn't feel like any of the 4 previous games.
It's a modern vision of the game and there's nothing from previous experience left except for some gameplay similarities, names and hostile NPCs similar looks.

"Devil May Cry" - This game is a new vision of the DMC franchise and it brings us a slightly different atmosphere compared with what we used to see in the old games.

As always - of course all written down below based only on my honest opinion, and written only to help you to get a clue of in-game aspects, so you can understand what's inside the game at least partially, before you make a final decision to buy it or not.

As usually, I'll start on a positive note and review some of the pros:
  • Story - It is a very soft and full of cliche storytelling, yet greatly integrated to in-game world, has some biblical and demonological references many believers and atheists would find enjoyable.
  • Atmosphere - Sometimes I do really think the devs are cruel drug addicts, because the amount of craziness placed on every frame in this game and these popular modern vulgar jokes completely fit his attitude. There's not much of a change in Dante's attitude, he's still a badass, cruel towards enemies, still a joker of the year(after Chuck Norris of course). Just he acts more like a bad American school boy from some typical movie about violent and dramatical teen's life (no offense American people, I didn't mean to be disrespectful towards you guys, I'm talking about actual movies your country produce and I hope it's understandable).
  • Music - This is the best soundtrack I could ever hope to hear in slasher games with a crazy fast-paced fighting system, where everything is so intensive and completely fits the style of the game. Also, I love Noisia in general and I know they will never disappoint me with their EDM, atmospheric, deep or heavy bass music. Combichrist was barely known for me, but this game made me search for more of their music and I still enjoy some of their tracks after years.
  • Gameplay - Crazy, fast, enjoyable, easy to learn and perform long combos, one of the best Dualshock 3 integration in games in my humble opinion.
  • Animation - Everything looks so intensive and fast, hits look powerful, especially the heavy and charged ones. Face animation makes me smile and of course, enjoy it even more. Enemies sometimes move very funny and stupid what makes me laugh more, so I can't even consider it in cons.
  • Optimization - No lags, no bugs, nor poor frame rate. Though I'm not surprised, because I've never seen a poor frame rate in any slasher game I've tried in my life, even in God of War series.
Now for some cons that frustrated me quite much:
  • Graphics - Wasn't good even in 2013, most of its textures look terrible, and poor even compared to some AAA-class games of 2007-2008 like AC and SW:The Force Unleashed.
  • Bosses - Absolutely all of them(except for Spoiler Alert! Virgil) are so easy to defeat compared to common fights with the other hostile NPCs, it's really disappointing and doesn't even give enough challenge until you get to the highest difficulties, but even there all other NPCs are much harder to fight with compared to the bosses.
10 - Limbo sitcom.
5.0 - Seriously, it's the worst in this game so far.
10 - 30 fps is more than enough, no lag and bug issues, just perfect.
10 - Depends on your music taste, but for me it's just what I like the most after Drum & Bass.
10 - Fun, this is what you get staring at the screen, fits perfectly.
Artifical Int
8.0 - Enemies aren't really smart, most of them can't reach you in the air.
7.5 - Pretty interesting and funny for both younglings and mature human species.
10 - This is what hits the top, the most enjoyable aspect of the game along with music.
9.0 - After first 2 playhroughs I felt I need a break, just to finally eat something and then play again .
8.0 - Not perfect, but still a very good game that can be replayed many times throughout years.

- The game is highly recommended for people who love fast paced action and slasher games with a highly overdosed heavy soundtrack of Nu-Metal and EDM stages.
- As for fans of the DMC franchise: Try to step away from all previous Capcom and Japanese slashers, it's not the same if you expect that. It's still recognizable but can't be called the same, no, absolutely not.
- I'd like to recommend all of you guys who enjoyed the game very much and wants some better challenge to try other difficulties after Nephilim. For example Son of Sparda becomes twice harder than Nephilim, while Nephilim is just a bit harder than Devil Hunter. I never played on easiest difficulty called Human, so can't compare here - That's all.

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