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CX Enemy Mods
Collection by Musashi
Collection by Musashi
RPGO and plugin mods. IMPORTANT: Please check the individual dependencies and requirements of each plugin before subbing to it!
Musashis WotC Mods
Collection by Musashi
Pistol Mods
Collection by Musashi
Mods that enhance Pistols in Long War 2 and XCOM 2 vanilla.
Musashi's Speedups
Collection by Musashi
Mod that speed up the animations in the game. The mods are not compatible with each other so please choose only one of them. Tactical Speedup is the most comprehensive of them, speeding up all tactical animations in the game, including advent ones. Quic
Musashi's Stealth Overhaul
Collection by Musashi
All my mods that offers perks, weapons or items that allow you to silently kill enemies. Please choose only one of the SpecOps Class mods and either CovertOps Gear (Vanilla XCOM 2) or LW2 Tactical Suppressors (LW2)
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