I'm Muffin

connoisseur of the finest Dr. Pepper
no-nonsense bird of justice
proud supporter of lunchbox's nipple
Shanker i'm not falling for your shitty trickstabs
Optic you always fuck up stealth how
Muffles i'm not selling you my widow maker go away
Dan listens to Smashmouth unironically
I'm not a corn muffin fuck you
I don't find toxic teams toxic teams find me
i wish i was a cupcake


S15 Steel- FraginDragons: Main Pyro (5-4)
S16 Silver- ZWMI: Main Pyro (7-3)
S17 Platinum- Curse of Knowledge: Sub Pyro (6-2)
S18 Gold- Artistically Autistic: Main Pyro (4-4)
S19 Platinum- Dragon Tales: Sub Pyro (3-5)
S20 Gold- DOES IT: Main Pyro (Disbanded)
S21 Platinum- Silver Squad: Main Pyro (Disbanded)

mapi: Does mapi sound gay btw? I looked it up and all I saw was naked Eastern European women and a company
mapi: nvm that's like the straightest thing ever
mapi: Or Am I a lesbian?
mapi: I shouldn't have left Gucci mane ice cream society club

St.Hiccup: you sir are obtuse
Muffinman: ur right
Muffinman: JESUS I'M FUNNY
Muffinman: hey do you think I'm acute
Muffinman: nvm i forgot you were straight
St.Hiccup: wanna get stabbed?

so e z p z: this is the second time your pepperoni fetish has affected someone else negatively

Noble: you remind me alot of cat dog, because youre a fucking mistake

danny_dodgeball2001: Did you hear about the Italian chef that died?
danny_dodgeball2001: He pasta way. We cannoli do so much. His legacy will be a pizza history.

Muffin? lft gold: i can play in like 5 minutes if u still want to
DanTheMan: k
DanTheMan: finally done jerking it i see
DanTheMan: :^)
Muffin? lft gold: i'm eating dinner
DanTheMan: is that what you call it?
Muffin? lft gold: earlier i was watching anime
DanTheMan: oh i know
DanTheMan: :^)
Muffin? lft gold: but honestly jacking off is less embarassing than watching anime
Muffin? lft gold: so i probably should've just let you believe what you believed
DanTheMan: thats why you combine them then?
Muffin? lft gold: gross
DanTheMan: alright enough jokes
DanTheMan: its disturbing even me
Muffin? lft gold: let me finish my hotdog hold on
DanTheMan: :^)
Muffin? lft gold: thats not what i meant
DanTheMan: :^)
Muffin? lft gold: i'm making it sound worse
DanTheMan: yes.

12:27 AM - Soxxie: some people
12:27 AM - Boo-berry Muffin?: are special
12:28 AM - Soxxie: should be aborted

*DEAD* hackerpro2 : can i aimbot team????
hackerpro2 left the game (VAC banned from secure server)

Shaming Shanker part 1

7:57 PM - visualize it: u know what santa got me?
7:57 PM - visualize it: a body pillow
7:57 PM - visualize it: (im not kidding my mom actually got me a fucking body pillow please fucking end me)

Part 2 of shaming Shanker

1:08 AM - Shanker?: let me lick ur toes
1:08 AM - Shanker?: SHIT
1:08 AM - Shanker?: WRONG PERSON
1:08 AM - Muffin?: shanker
1:08 AM - Muffin?: there is no right person to say that to

"Make a will save on Danny Devito"
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