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I don't care if they're geniuses or prodigies. Break them and they're all just trash.

FUCK ICHIGO. #FeelsBadForGoro
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welcome to my profile!
o shit waddup!
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Before anything, you shouldn't expect anything like "PC Specs" or any steam profile normal trash, since no one cares about it. ty.

I make youtube/twitch banners, steam artwork, twitch panels, etc... add me on discord for any type of request.
The price varies depending on what you want.

Discord - MuchDarkInside#1865

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Hey, I really enjoy mmorpgs, I've played quite a lot of them, but the ones I currently play are Black Desert and Vindictus. ( not much Vindictus now )

:Trust: Unexpect the Expected :Trust:
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EdDiE Mar 30 @ 8:15am 
Fucking Weeb
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well ... he is ok
Kapi Heartlilly Jul 29, 2017 @ 3:24pm 
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That got dark pretty quick

btw, +Rep:FIA:, one of the best memerinos in CS:GO , lit AF:2016roasted:
MrotSIpaK Jul 7, 2017 @ 3:58pm 
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