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Posted: Jun 23, 2015 @ 7:04pm

This isn't a good game, even when you come at it with an open mind. As a hidden object Gone Home-like, it fails on many parts due to its poor communication/UI and limited, shallow level. As a narrative experience, I'm finding myself constantly confused by the flip-flopping protagonist and the seemingly random thoughts that don't have much of a link to what's happening outside the window. Coupled with some very long and grating diary entries and a LOT of filler content to artificially increase its length, this isn't going to get recommended.

At its full retail price it's insanely overpriced, even on a 50% sale it was overpriced. The quality is just not good enough.

As a side note, when you look at the developer's dev diary and subsequent Twitter reactions to comments about it, I just can't support Tale of Tales no matter how much they've apparently 'given' to the indie scene with their pioneering art games. They disrespect an entire medium and audience because their game flopped. It flopped because it's a poor quality game and the marketing was abysmal (a significant amount of comments say they didn't know it was out).
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