Henry "MrBrickfreak" Orlov. 20 years.   Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia
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Some infromation about me:
I have passion for computer games since 6 years, when my brother tought me how to use the computer. Since then I have interest in game indutsry as well as in computer hardware and software. After some years I started to make videos in gmod. Right now I am student at Estonian University of Technology and I have a dream of becoming a network developer.

Right Now:
Right now I am really interested in Paladins, I have a MASTER rank and playing almost everyday. If you want to make some company feel free to add me. Also right now I stepped into VR games industry and if you know something about VR, especially Oculus rift we can talk about it. My favorite talk topic universe right now is WARHAMMER FANTASY.

My favorite game titles:Little Big Adventure 2, Silent Hill 2, Paladins, Super Meat Boy, Fallout 2, Gmod, StarCraft, Half-life, Unreal Tournament 1999, Morrowind.
My favorite TV shows:Doctor who, Mythbusters, Lost, Breaking Bad.
My favorite authors: H. P. Lovecraft and Anton Chekhov
My favorite e-sports Team is FNATIC.

Also I've got and accounts with the same nicknames.
My Discord:MrBrickfreak#9531
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After so many years... I grew up... I've seen a thousand of games... The game industry has changed... but I will never forget this game which made me into a man who I am right now. This game was the start of my geeky and wonderfull way in a game industry and my own life. My applause to every person who even took a smallest role in creation of this game. This is not just an ordinary game for me, this is something bigger that lies deep in my brain and soul. I will never forget my favorite game of all times.
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Meanwhile in Aperture Science...
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