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Life kicked me in the balls so I grabbed a baseball bat, pinned life down and smashed their fucking skull in.
I'm a girl gamer

Battle.net id: #11426

Twitter: dablackfox11
Instgram (if you really want that): dablackfox11
Amino (Note: I only realy use Furry Amino so even if you find my account on others just know that I don't use 'em): DaBlackFox

For honour and for glory, I ain't gonna forget the past any time soon

Hey, you went this far down for a secret eh?
Here's a video just for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqB1uoDTdKM

Another video!

You can go now.
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Hiya!~ I'm the one and only DaBlackFox! (If there is another it's probably just my alt account or something. After all, who would impersonate some random furry loser on the internet?)
If you're adding me to trade my Unusual Das Gutenkutteharen, Strange Head Prize, Strange Sledder's Sidekick, Strange Scattergun, Strange Burly Beast and Strange Medigun, I will kindly ask you all to fuck off. No hard feelings it's just I get many adds about trading them (mostly bots/scammers) and these items are things that are special to me, plus I will most likely treat you like a dick in assumption of you wanting to scam me. I apologise if you REALLY want one of those items but it isn't happening.
Things about myself
Name: Cameron "DaBlackFox"
Age: Ask me later
Eye colour: Brown
Gender: Male
Purpose: Loving my wonderful Kaykie~<3 UwU
Sexual preference: Bisexual I guess?
Religion: Galactic Hole Cult (Joke religion)
Addictions (Likes): Video Games (Team Fortress 2), Music, Furry stuff, Pony stuff, friends, (a crippling addiction to) Pepsi (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z54MpfR3XE4) and My wonderful boyfriend Kaykie!~<3 ^w^
Dislikes: Umm.. Popular music? (There are some exceptions though)
Things about my fursona
Name: Cameron Mazer
Age: ??? (Changes to fit situations so it isn't consistent)
Eye colour: Purple.
Gender: Male
Species: Foxdeer
Fur colour: Black
Purpose: Loving Kaykie~<3 :3
Sexual preference: Bisexual
Religion: Galactic Hole Cult (Joke religion)
Addictions (Likes): Basically the exact same stuff as me but slightly exaggerated
Dislikes: Again, popular music with exceptions
Unique features: Antlers, has white speckles on his butt like a deer

Things about my other fursona
Name: Norixius Kriv
Age: 17
Eye colour: Purple
Gender: Male
Species: Dragonborn
Scale colour: Black
Purpose: To master the arts of sorcery
Sexual preference: No one knows
Religion: The Clan
Addictions: Demanding stealth dice rolls
Dislikes: Failure
Unique features: Has small spectacles

Rules about chatting to me
Okay, I can already hear you saying: "Really DaBlackFox? Rules? Rules are lame!" But trust me, these are really simple:
1. I'm not offended by anything
2. I don't judge what you say unless it's messed up
3. The circumstances in which you can message me change depending on what I'm doing (See "When you can chat me")

When you can chat me
Online: Sure, message me about whatever you feel. I'm probably either watching YouTube, checking my Twitter or I'm just about to open a game.
Online (Phone): I'm on my phone and because my phones notifications are bad I probably wont get your message but I will respond if my phone tells me.
Game (Team Fortress 2): Heck yeah you can message me, pretty much all my irl friends left TF2 for overwatch (*cries a little inside*) so I don't have as many people to play/interact with that are friends so I will always appreciate a message.
Game (Gmod, Overwatch, CS:GO): These are games I only ever really play with my irl friends so I probably wont respond since I'm most likely playing with them. Sorry.
Game (Other games): Most of the time its fine to message me when I'm playing these games but it can vary a bit.
Busy/Away: Doing homework or I don't feel like talking to anyone at that time. Only message if you need to.
Offline: Self-explanatory
(Note: If I consider you a close friend then there will be a much higher chance of me responding)
Page Music
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0569Wt-cZ0 (TWEWY - Calling)

Random music I listen to when playing games

Enjoy my page!
DaBlackFox May 11 @ 8:06pm 
welp, that's that I suppose
Olly The Foxcoon May 11 @ 8:04pm 
cyro please stop stalking me, and stop talking to me
thank you
DaBlackFox May 11 @ 8:03pm 
Cyro this isn't the place for that >.>
Hi Olly
Olly The Foxcoon May 11 @ 6:48am 
thank you for finally taking my name off your profile
Fluffy Apr 28 @ 7:04pm