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Swords & Souls is a game that has you manually train each stat of your character before you go out to battle.

The gameplay loop is established very early on.
You train via minigames, go out to battle, get money, upgrade your town and gear, and repeat.

The game is all about repetition, but it rewards you with constant upgrades to keep you going.

The training mini games can be pretty fun. They all make sense with the stat that they are boosting, and although simple, can be quite fun to play.
You can also invest money into your training grounds to permanently increase the stat boosts you get from training.

In another part of town, you can spend money at a blacksmith to upgrade your current tier of weapons.

Speaking of weapons, you actually have a nice selection of melees to choose from. They all have different positives and negatives. Your ranged weapon is used as a secondary weapon in battle, as well as your spells.

Let me explain battles now. When you feel trained-enough, you head out and play the next level available to you. All of these are short turn-based encounters. Although they're not turn-based in the traditional sense.

Each character on screen takes turns to attack each other, but all of your choices need to be made in real-time. There is no pausing to think of your next move, which I found made the combat very interesting.

So by default, your character will perform a basic attack on an enemy. You can change which enemy they will target next by clicking the desired target's health bar.
You also have active skills at your disposal. One of them is a "special" attack that varies depending on what weapons you are using. You have stuff like fireballs, or a stun attack. All of these have a cooldown.

On top of that, if you left click, you can block an attack, but you only have a certain amount of charges before you have to wait for a cooldown. You can also right click for a dodge.
Battles are short, but you only have so many charges, so you actually need to strategically decide when to let yourself get hit. You might want to save your blocks for stronger enemy attacks. On top of that, if you time your block or dodge as soon as the enemy hits you, you get a free counter attack.

Your character will also occasionally trigger a critical hit, where you have to click at the right time for some massive damage.
All of this does a great job and keeping the combat feel active, and making you think on your feet.

If a battle is too tough, you can hire a mercenary from the tavern to help you out. They'll level up the more you use them, but that also means their price increases. That's why the most consistent way to progress through the game is to constantly train.

There are a few other ways to spend money in town, which help with your overall progression. You can invest in a museum that will give you a consistent income you can collect every now and again. You can also build your house to permanently increase XP gain.

Stuff like this makes you feel like you're constantly improving in some way.

Although in the end, I would only really recommend the game to people who would also play clickers. It can become a bit repetitive at a certain point. Although the training minigames were fun, they don't change THAT much, in order to justify how much you have to play them. it's definitely the kind of game that you play if you just want to take it easy and play a brainless game, maybe while you listen to music or watch a podcast.

Overall, it is fun, but I think you need to know what you're getting into before you grab it. It's got fun music, funny dialogue, and a satisfying gameplay loop (albeit being repetitive). If that sounds good to you, I recommend it!
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