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Tails of Iron is an action RPG that borrows elements from the Souls genre.

The gear system might feel familiar to you if you've played Souls games before. There are a few different weapon and armor types. Depending on what you equip, your damage output will change, but weight is also something you need to consider, as the bigger the load you carry, the slower your dodges will be.

In this game, you've got light weapons on your primary attack button. These are usually a bit more swift, and can be charged up if you hold the button down.
On your secondary attack button, you carry your two-handed weapons. Usually a bit heavier. Throughout combat, you can alternate attacks seamlessly between the two. On top of that, you have a ranged weapon that can be fired at enemies.

As for defence, you've got a shield, that can additionally parry if you time it right, as well as a short evade, and a dodge roll for further distance coverage.

I found the combat to be exhilarating. You are very often caught in between two enemies. You'll have to shield arrows flying at you from one side, while you fend off enemies on the other.

Enemies also all have special attacks, that are either undodgeable or unblockable. Depending on the warning above them, you will have to use the corresponding defensive manouver. I loved the combat system, as I always felt like I had to be alert, and aggressive. It is quite unforgiving, and you can die quite quickly, but I never found the game to be that daunting.

Similarly to Dark Souls, you can heal combat damage by drinking from your flask. However, in this case, it heals gradually as you hold the button. I think this is a lot more of an interesting and tense way to do it.

To save at a checkpoint, you sit down to rest at certain benches. These do not replenish your flask. You will have to look for specific tankards for that.

As for the story, the frogs have invaded your rat kingdom. You must take it back. Although simple, the story is quite compelling. You actually do end up caring for NPCs that you meet briefly throughout the game, despite the fact that there's no voice acting. Instead, they squeek and grunt with speech bubbles to get the point across. It's effective, and keeps the appropriate tone of the game.

The game's overarching story is narrated. By Geralt of Rivia, in fact. It startled me at first, but I felt his voice was perfect for it. Every now and again, he will comment on what your character's next goal might be, or what they are thinking. It isn't constant commentary.

I really enjoy the world the game is set in, and it manages to always feel alive. Characters come and sweep rubbel from areas you've already cleared, and you can see enemies patrolling in the background. There's so much nice attention to detail.

The aesthetic speaks for itself, and I personally love the art style. It reminds me of Darkest Dungeon, but not as terrifying. More along the lines of a dark fairytale book. This accompanied with the beautiful lighting effects and parallax, it's just a joy to look at.

To conclude, I am in love with the game. It feels so great and everything about it feels thought out and polished.
The only real complaint I have, is that at a certain point, the game has you run back and forth between the same areas doing similar quests. It gets a bit tedious, but overcomes that after a while. Most of the game is refreshing.
Overall, I highly recommend it! I think it's my favourite game I've played this year!
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