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Darwin Project is a survival battle royale game, where you must fight to the death, and be the last person standing to win.

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Written Review
It bears resemblence to games like PUBG and Fortnite, however manages to bring some interesting and unique mechanics to the table.

I believe the game is less about luck, and more about skill. There isn't really any looting, so you won't ever drop from a plane and take a machinegun to the face because you only found a frying pan. Instead, everyone starts with two weapons, and they can not be replaced. An axe, and a bow and arrow. Which means you know exactly what to expect for every fight.

The typical looting system has been replaced with a crafting system, which initially turned me off, as I'm tired of crafting in games. Fortunately, in this game it's very simple. You only look for 2 resources, leather and wood. They're easy to find, and crafting the item you want just requires you to click on it in the menu.

You won't find an insane amount of resources, so you need to choose what to craft wisely. You can craft arrows, armor, speed boosts, tracking bonuses and cloaks that keep you warm, and more.

Speaking of tracking, that is a big part of Darwin Project. As you gather resources, you will generate visible sound waves, so closeby enemies can see where you are. On top of that, if they scan a resource that you've gathered, they will see a live sillhouette of your current location. It's quite interesting, because it makes you think twice before gathering a resouce if you know someone is nearby. You can also craft smoke bombs to get rid of the tracking, or leave tripwires or beartraps for your pursuers to get caught in.

As the match progresses, your character will become cold. If your temperature hits 0, you're going to die, so you need to build campfires every now and again. They are easy to make, but the flames and smoke rise incredibly high, so anyone nearby will know of your location. This also forces you to strategise and think about when and where you'll make a fire.

Once you've finally tracked or been tracked by an enemy, it's time to fight. You will most likely not have much ammunition for your bow, so you need to really aim your arrow shots well. Or, dodge incoming shots while you get in close to hit them with an axe. Both of these feel so satisfying though, as you really get that "oomph" from the animations and effects that appear when you land your hit. People take about 5 hits, so fights don't ever end because of cheap or quick kills. Usually the player of higher skill will be the victor. You can do some cool stuff during fights like time an axe swing in order to deflect an arrow out of the air, or throw snowballs at your opponent to make them colder, which might force them to have to build a fire in the middle of the battle.

There's one last thing that can help in fights. "Electronics" will occasionally spawn throughout the map. They are powerful resources, and if a player starts to gather them, they will be revealed to all enemies. Once you've gathered an electronic, you can use them to craft strong abilities such as an invicibility shield, an invisibility cloak, or a teleport. These have cooldowns and will be reusable after a while. They make fights interesting, and fortunately all are counterable in a way. For example, the invincibility shield will protect you from taking damage, but if you are hit, will hurl you far away like a pinball.

Different zones are pretty varied, so fights feel interesting and need you to improvise depending on the area that you're in. One zone has lava pits, while another has you trudging through thick snow that slows you down.

The way zones work in this game, is different to the usual Battle Royale formula we've seen. The map is split into multiple zones, and as time goes on they are shut down one by one, as opposed to having one giant circle zone that closes in. This means, that the game at some point will shut down the "South East" zone, for example. So any players in the zone are given 60 seconds to get out of there, or face getting eliminated. Then that zone is closed off for the rest of the game, and followed by other zones shutting down until there's only one left.

Actions like that can be taken by the game automatically, however, players can also search for matches as the "Show Director" which will put them in the role of a big floating robotic eye that oversees and influences the match. Their purpose is to keep the match interesting. They can activate low gravity, nuke certain zones, talk to players or even heal or speed players up. This can be dangerous, as Directors have the power to make a match unfair and ruin the fun by healing someone in say, a 1v1 out of nowhere. Fortunately, you can rate directors, so that if their rating falls below a certain threshold, they will not be able to use abilities that directly affect players. I'm relieved to see a system like this, because there's also a time and place to help certain players out without making it feel cheap. If a specific player kills two enemies, I think it's fair enough to heal them for their hard work, BEFORE they get into their next fight. I've bumped into some directors that have really make matches feel interesting, so it's a welcome feature.

As of writing this, there is only a solo mode, which I think is very well balanced at the moment. I played a test weekend for the upcoming duo mode, and while it was very fun, and brought some new mechanics to the table, I felt it needs a bit of reworking. If your partner dies, you're pretty screwed. It's very hard to win a 2v1 in this game because of how much damage you can all take. In solo, it works, and in other games like PUBG, 2v1s are possible, because you can ambush teams and kill them in quick succession. So while the duo mode is fun, it needs work, which is why the devs only had it up for a test weekend for now.

Also, surprisingly enough, almost everyone in the community is super friendly. Although, that'll probably change as the game gets more popular.

Overall, I'm really enjoying the game. It takes that battle royale formula and innovates. We get new mechanics, and there's almost always action. You can't go too long without something interesting happening, and I really do appreciate the emphasis on skill over luck in this. While that can also be very fun, this is a more condensed and specific experience. I look forward to playing this alongside other battle royale games from now on.

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