Jackson Hunter   Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States
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Welcome to my profile, My name is Jackson, I am an Animator and a Voice Actor.
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-=My Channels=-

My YouTube Channel
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-=Things I Voice Acted In=-

Through The Night [S01\E02]
Don't Tell Me
JJBA Demo Reel

-=My Legion of People who like Different Things=-

Supreme Britannian Overlord (Triton)

Cheesecake Engineer (Ms. Sny)

Owl Sniper (Erdamon The Owl Sniper)

Extreme JoJo Memelord (Sergeant Sky)

Rose Heart/The Crystal Girl (Lina-chan)

Birb Wizard (PootisWizard)

The Crazed German Doktor (Richtofen115)

Knight of Ather (JCTheAllStar31)

The Devil's Pyro (SolarisThePyro)

Coffee Drinking Plutia (Airan-Puru)

-=About Me=-

Age: 22

Gender: Male

DoB (Date of Birth): 8/22/1996

-=Hall of memorable quotes=-

"I think i gave Undertaker a sternum concussion." ~ Shadow (RAW is WAR 1998)

"I don't give a damn who is behind that door! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" ~ Shadow (Outlast: Whistleblower, 2018)

"Obviously you never heard about The Bible II: The Sequeal." ~ Shadow (VRChat, 2018)

"I have completed The Banana" ~ Shadow (Team Fortress 2, 2018)

"You can't be a true Skeleton if you don't drink milk." ~ Shadow (Discord, 2018)

"Like I want the Soviets to take my Organic Donuts, they can have that shit." ~ Shadow (Red Alert 3, 2018)
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Sir LastKing Oct 17 @ 3:47pm 
I am watching you, because Neps.
🎃 Witch Faris 🎃 Oct 1 @ 1:38pm 
The SpooKKKy Ghost Man has returned! For he shall show you the most scary thing-racism and white pride!
PootisWizard Aug 12 @ 10:51pm 
Heya, im leaving this here because you are in my UCN Mockup poster :penny:
KevPugDude Aug 12 @ 5:40am 
because cranberry
Chief Wahoo Aug 8 @ 11:45am 
¡Tú hijo de una perra!
MrThespookyone Aug 8 @ 11:44am 
*Shoots Drug Dealer in Spanish*