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Jackson Hunter   Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States
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Welcome to my profile, My name is Jackson, I am an Animator and a Voice Actor.
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About Jackson Hunter
-=My Channels=-

My YouTube Channel
My DeviantArt [theshadowon.deviantart.com]
My Casting Call Club Profile [www.castingcall.club]
(Halo) Spartan Company [www.halowaypoint.com]
My Spartan [www.halowaypoint.com]

-=Things I Voice Acted In=-

Through The Night [S01\E02]
Don't Tell Me
JJBA Demo Reel

-=My Legion of People who like Different Things=-

Supreme Britannian Overlord (Triton)

Cheesecake Engineer (Ms. Sny)

Owl Sniper (Erdamon The Owl Sniper)

Extreme JoJo Memelord (Sergeant Sky)

The Second Purple Heart Sister (Lina-chan)

Birb Wizard (PootisWizard)

The Crazed German Doktor (Richtofen115)

Knight of Ather (JCTheAllStar31)

The Devil's Pyro (SolarisThePyro)

Coffee Drinking Plutia (Airan-Puru)

-=About Me=-

Name: Jackson Edmund David Hunter III

Age: 38

Gender: Male

DoB (Date of Birth): 8/22/1996

PoB (Place of Birth): Colorado Springs, Colorado

Weapons: M4A1, M92 Berretta (x2), Cursed Katana (Elemental)

Element: Time Manipulation

Current Residence: 504 Dolphin Road, Los Santos

Likes: Italian Food, Guns, Guns, More Guns, Movies, Rock Music, Ancient History, Technology, Science, Hanging out with his friends and family.

Dislikes: People being rude to his friends and family, Undercooked Pasta, Being ripped off, Getting shot, Pop Music from Disney.

Occupation: Mercenary, CEO

Bio: Jackson Edmund David Hunter III, son of Jackson Hunter I and Maria Hunter, was born in a Army hospital on Fort Carson in 1996. As a young boy Jack was always wanting to be like his Army Father. At the young age of 16 Jack joined the US Marines and was promoted to Sergeant at the age of 18, Jack and his unit saw the brunt of the War on Terror while serving in Afghanistan. One day Jack was given a choice to serve as a Captain in a new Paratrooper Unit experiment, a Mobile Combat Paratrooper Unit (M.C.P.U) Jack agreed if only his unit would be able to be a part of the unit. Korea had declared war on the US and the United Nations had sent their armies to quell the growing nuclear threat. Jack and his unit were sent into Seoul to push the enemy back, but the North Korean's pushed his unit into an ancient temple where Jack found a sword. After capturing Kim Jong Un and defeating the North Koreans, Jack left the Marines along with the rest of his unit to start the company known as the 57 Scorpions. Time passed as he gained allies, but after the Sturm Republic leader destroyed his base in Cyprus, Jack had no choice but to rebuild somewhere else, eventually picking Los Santos as his new home.

Hall of memorable quotes

"I think i gave Undertaker a sternum concussion." ~ Shadow (RAW is WAR 1998)

"I don't give a damn who is behind that door! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" ~ Shadow (Outlast: Whistleblower, 2018)

"Obviously you never heard about The Bible II: The Sequeal." ~ Shadow (VRChat, 2018)

"I have completed The Banana" ~ Shadow (Team Fortress 2, 2018)
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