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Andrea   Brugherio, Lombardia, Italy
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My list of best friends: (This list is not in order of course)
Frau Archer - The best friend in the entire world! We play a lot of games together and we have a lot of fun! She helped me a lot when I was sad!
Bun - We've been friends for about 2 years, but unfortunately, his old account got hacked. But he's really great and makes me happy every time!
The Doctor Drake - Nothing to say, he's just perfect! He saved me a lot of times, he's also really wonderful!
Herr Plague Doktor - The nicest friend in the entire world! Makes me remain happy with his nice words!
Xtale chara - A very great and wonderful friend that knows how to make me feel happy!
⛧ Chara ⛧ - The funniest friend I've ever met! Makes me laugh a lot!
Lily - The greatest friend I've ever seen! We are friends since October 2017, and we pretty much talk a lot.
Trash - Well, he is like the pun master himself. We don't play that much, but when we play it's always so much fun!
🌟[Sunshine]Shijian1070🌟 - She's basically one of the greatest anime lovers out there! I like her artwork! A very sweet friend!
♥•Wooden-Toaster•♥ - We often play in Medieval Mode and we kill everyone together! A great TF2 player!
Vlaxxie - He's the master of rocket-jumping! He pretty much helps me doing some other types of rocket-jumps. I learned so much from him!

Mood: Happy x3
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Happiness: 88.500

My discord: Frisky#6719

This is my current internship schedule:
08:30-14:00 From Monday to Friday
My internship will end on May 30th.

Online: I'll certainly answer you.
Away: Probably gonna answer you.
In-Game: I will answer you if I'm not too much focused on the game.
On Mobile: Not gonna answer some times.
Offline: I'm sleeping or at school. Can't answer you.

Donations Received:
🌟[Sunshine]Shijian1070🌟 - 34 items
Frau Archer - 6 items
The Doctor Drake - 10 items
Trash - 1 item
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Frisk You The Best
Frisk [ITA] May 12 @ 4:41am 
May 12 @ 4:39am 
Frisk thx for trusting me im rly crying cuz i lost so much and u trusted me ur the best
⚡Gustav.Raispits [ITA]⚡ May 11 @ 3:54am 
Ehy Frisk, ho visto che hai 11 dei miei amici in comune [Tra cui 173 e The Doctor Drake] volevo fare la tua conoscenza e fare delle partite con te, se vuoi conoscermi meglio leggi il mio infobox :jack:
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