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Trading and community things
Hello! Welcome to the fun part of my profile. The part that has stuff about me / what I do on steam. Let's start with trading


I'm buying frying pans in bulk! I'll pay the base Pan Price [] for pans 1-9, then I'll add .11 scrap per pan every five pans

This would look like:
1-10 pans: pans * price
11-15 pans: pans * (price +.11)
16-20 pans: pans * (price +.22)
21-25 pans: pans * (price +.33)
26-30 pans: pans * (price +.44)
31-35 pans: pans * (price +.55)
36-40 pans: pans * (price +.66)
41-45 pans: pans * (price +.77)
46-50 pans: pans * (price +.88)

100 pans: pans * (price * 2)

Certified Pan Providers:

Certified Pan Buyers

For any actual traders, leave a comment if you feel the need to add me to get whatever item. Otherwise you're basically a scammer in my mind

I'm not a very prolific trader, but I do have some nice items. If you want to trade any, you can look here

Trade link shop [] inventory []

If you need anything, have at it

Buying CS:GO skins for TF2 items (keys)

TF2 Comm-Net
Along with the occasional trade, I also do community based things and services. One of these is being part of the TF2 Comm-Net, a group on giving you news about the community. But not only do we do news, we also do sponsorships, event hosting, and more! Go check it out if you have time:

TF2 Comm-Net
Official Website []
Direct link to announcements (where the news is)

Something else I also do on the side is scripting, mainly for profit.

"But what's a script?
A script is a section of code written in a language only TF2 can understand, these snippets allow you to basically make a macro, but for TF2. Ex: Hitting the Z key makes you zoom in, hitting it again makes you zoom out

"Is is cheating?"
No, scripting is perfectly fine to do and will not lead to any bans or penalties on your account

"Can it be automatic?"
No, doing so would allow it to fall into the realm of cheating. Although a script may be editable via pre-built commands so that the script functions the best in any scenario, it can't ever be automatic.

"What are your prices?"
My prices range from 10 ref to 1-2 keys, all depending on how hard it is to make a certain script. Due to the fact that demands on my schedule change, very specific (& usually very short) deadlines may also cost extra

"No, what are the exact prices?"
> Basic script: < 1 hour to make, ~10-15 ref
> Intermediate script: <= 3 hours to make, ~16-35 ref
> Advanced script: <= 5 hours to make, ~35 ref-1.5 keys
> Complete control revamp: +1 days to make, 1.5-2 keys

*Note: these prices are subject to change as ref becomes devalued or deadlines change

"Where do these go?"
To my gamebanana [], which is not only linked but is also here:

Closing words
I could go on a rant, but basically:
- Thanks for reading all of this

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Nathan✯☭✯☭ Feb 15 @ 12:28pm 
Wow, that's pretty cool! Thanks for your help I think I found myself a nee hobby

Oh yeah also i need to learn forgot about that, anywhere you can point me to?
Mr.Panface Feb 15 @ 12:26pm 
Yeah, that's actually a really simple script to make. Something among the lines of

'alias "+nom" "slot2; +attack"
Alias "-nom" "slot1; -attack" '
Nathan✯☭✯☭ Feb 15 @ 12:23pm 
And also, can I make a script that pulls out my sandvich and eats it when I press "I"
Mr.Panface Feb 15 @ 12:22pm 
The alias command effectively creates a new command. So if I were to type

'alias "crits" "addcond 32; addcond 33" '

I would make a command named "crits", which when ran actually runs the addcond commands

I can add a section to my guide explaining them more
Nathan✯☭✯☭ Feb 15 @ 12:20pm 
What do you use to make commands?