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<Overfiend> The Unix way -- everything is a file
<Overfiend> The Linux way -- everything is a filesystem :)

Chuck Norris sleeps with a pillow under his gun.
Barbara's Rules of Bitter Experience:
(1) When you empty a drawer for his clothes
and a shelf for his toiletries, the relationship ends.
(2) When you finally buy pretty stationary
to continue the correspondence, he stops writing.

Techical solutions are not a matter of voting. Two legislations in the US
states almost decided that the value of Pi be 3.14, exactly. Popular vote
does not make for a correct solution.
-- Manoj Srivastava

<Knghtbrd> I'd better put the incriminating stuff into code: ahfuiovka
ikperoa edfr ade 9 enbuw ejasxleme ka iena df4mesa
<Knghtbrd> If you can decrypt that, you're a better cryptographer than I
am. =)