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Some info here
Hello everyone!
I'm MrModez or Modez - music composer :music:, programmer :p2turret: and gamer :joystick:

:ontoagoodthing: Check out links below!

:music: My Website
Check out my portfolio and other cool stuff here:

:terminal: Projects
:soundspike: Sniper and the Holy Piss 2 - composer
:soundspike: Sky Fortress: The Remaster - composer
:soundspike: Team Fortress 2 Classic [] - programmer and composer
:soundspike: Mann Swap: Remastered - composer
:soundspike: The Mayann Project [] - composer

:trebleclef: Music
:soundspike: My YouTube channel!
:soundspike: Soundcloud []
:soundspike: Team Fortress 2 compositions playlist

:plat2pointer: Social
:soundspike: VK page []
:soundspike: Facebook page

:yazdwink: P.S.
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Wilde Jun 18 @ 3:41am 
Added, cause I love your music, based on Team Fortress 2.
mym Jun 9 @ 6:48am 
what u mean by no u?
mym Jun 9 @ 6:48am 
kcr Apr 24 @ 7:30am 
I'm interested in paying for an SFM Animation for a video I'm making. Decline friend if you aren't in the business of making them right now :)
Cat Agent Mar 31 @ 8:28pm 
Hey MrModez,
I'm interested in working with you on using an already existing or possibly new track in a small SFM promo for the next FLAN (Florida LAN) that's coming up in July 2018 that's in memory of a friend that meant alot to the Team Fortress 2 competitive community. We would compensate you if you are interested in the project. Looking forward to hearing from you
Ravenholmzombies Mar 9 @ 2:42am 
Very interested in your composing work. Added to have a conversation, if I may.